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Rumors that this website has been destroyed are untrue. This website is still intact, it is just moving to a new webhost at the end of February 2020.

The Open Letter

You have chosen my child from the forced adoption process perpetrated by child protective services in the United States. He's "yours" now.

A corrupt family court judge has used a tainted, federally approved, systematic method of lies and forced alienation to Legally Kidnap my child. I was going to lose my child at all costs in the quest for federal funding by a state agency who will stop at nothing to get custody of my child.

My child is now with strangers. That stranger is you. How did you choose my child? Did you "shop" for a family on those disgusting adoption sites that tout the child's best qualities? Or were you a prospective adoptive parent posing as a foster parent, so you could see the "real child", and decide if he is a match for the family you are building? Was the adoption bonus or the tax credits a consideration in your decision?

Was my child's physical appearance evaluated? Did you bypass children of color, long term, or older foster children in your quest for the perfect fit? Do you really thing the caseworker was truthful about my child's background? Do my questions offend you? I do have a few more.

In your decision to refuse biological family contact, did you consider the breaking hearts of grandparents, aunts, uncles, and especially the cousins? These members of my child's family were eliminated for consideration in a qualification process that only Jesus Christ and eleven of the disciples could pass. How would you feel if your favorite relative had been banned from your life forever?

My child loved his poppy, memaw, auntie, "unck" or cuz. He was held, spoiled, cherished, and deeply loved by all of his family. ARE WE REALLY SUPPOSED TO TURN AWAY AND PRETEND OUR CHILD NO LONGER EXISTS? Would you? I suppose you are getting fairly upset and indignant by now and your thought is, "if you hadn't done something wrong you wouldn't have lost your child". Am I right? I have just a few more questions and thoughts I'd like to share with you because after today I will be expected to proceed in life as though the child that I love, doesn't exist. At what point should a child's constitutional rights to his biological, ethnic, and religious heritage be shoved aside for Title IV funding? According to child protective services those rights do not exist for my child. Was my child molested in state's custody? Should I lose my child for anything less than abuse beyond a reasonable doubt. My constitution says no. Unfortunately the family court I have been subjected to uses the cloak of privacy rights to operate outside of constitutional due process.

Just a few last questions and you may proceed with your plans for my ‪#‎TAKEN‬ child.

Does my child cry out in the night for me? Do you comfort him? Does he tell you he wants to go home? Does he ask for his siblings? Do you tell him that we love him? Does he still have his favorite toy from home? Did you change his first name? You do know that a name change in older children traumatizes them for life? Do you tell him the truth about his biological family? That we are waiting for our child to find us? That we will NEVER stop looking for our child? Do you realize that you cannot successfully erase us from our child's existence? If my child dies will you inform me? These questions and a million more roil in every waking thought I have. I assure you, even though I am expected to proceed in life as though my child never existed, I CANNOT! There will never be a day that I can reconcile myself to the fact that my government, in the country I loved, confiscated a living breathing human being for profit. I know you feel you adopted for all the right reasons and that is your justification for taking my child. All your right reasons are all my wrong reasons. Just remember that.

Remember this too...I will NEVER stop loving and looking for my child, no matter what the consequences. So don't be surprised when I appear at an unexpected time in the future...after all, I was the one blessed with the God given right to be my child's biological parent. A corrupt government, family court judge, cps agency, hell or high water, Satan, nor you can take that away from me or my child. You might change it for a little while but as the old saying goes, "blood is thicker than water". Hide behind your illegal adoption, and a corrupt judge. It won't help you. We won't ever stop loving, or looking for our #TAKEN children. There are now hundreds of thousands of biological family members experiencing the very things I have written in this letter to you. Just because something is "within the law" doesn't mean it's morally correct. I want you to look into my child's eyes and tell him I love him, tell him I exist, tell him I'll never stop looking until I find him and bring him home.

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Thursday, 23 June 2016 00:00
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