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The Lawmaker's Role

As DHS offices became a victim of their own aggression and the number of children being foster warehoused grew to epic proportions, it fell to lawmakers to come up with a solution for the uncomfortable reality of thousands of children that nobody wanted. Except biological families.

The family courts and DHS would not return these children to biological family so they were warehoused in foster care, state mental institutions, group homes, shelters, and juvenile facilities. The pressure on lawmakers to come up with a solution led to the creation of the federal adoption incentives program, which President Clinton signed into law in 1997.

The theory was that if a dollar value was attached to adopting children, more people would do it. Unfortunately, this proved to be all too true.

What lawmakers did not realize is that the greed of DHS and child protection agencies for the promise of the blank check funding would become the primary motivating factor and protecting children would fall by the wayside. Like the steel belt on a blown tire, destroying children, families and parents lives, overburdening the court system, and worst of all creating a generation of #TAKEN children, who are traumatized, abused, battered, and ill prepared to be this nations' "future". The very thing that our nation touts as sacred, the family, has been thrown into the pit of the federal funding war, the cps monster is out of control and I do not see lawmakers particularly interested in changing it. In my mind this begs the question: WHY? After two years of research, talking to thousands of parents, spending thousands of hours pondering the issues....I have only one answer....and I do mean only one....MONEY.

The barter of your child's flesh for federal funding is good for business in the counties and states that lawmakers represent. The courts, district attorneys, lawyers, CASA, GAL and unending related services such as counseling, psychiatrists, doctors, parenting classes, adoption services, private and state foster care agencies, drug testing facilitators and even court house employees are in on this action. Everyone in the child protection racket is benefiting (except the child).

When I first approached Representative Jason Murphey about DHS issues in Oklahoma I was distressed to realize that he was all to familiar with the lingo, actions, and results of DHS investigations in Logan county, Oklahoma. His apathy disgusted me. I got the same reaction from Senator AJ Griffin. Then when I went to Washington lawmakers THEY were consistent in ONE THING: their absolute refusal to acknowledge even the existence of a problem. US Congressmen James Langford, Steve Russell, Tom Cole, Jim Bridenstine, Markwayne Mullen, Frank Lucas, and Jim Inhoffe say the same thing about child protection in Oklahoma; "It's not my problem, its not a federal problem, it's a state issue, contact your state lawmakers." They repeat this statement to any and all comers, ignoring the very fact that the federal adoption incentive was CREATED IN WASHINGTON D.C., by, you guessed it, those very lawmakers. It's maddening that the people who represent us are in reality taking America's children away from American families for money for their states and for no other reason.

What's even more maddening is the very hard to swallow truth that many lawmakers have a financial interest in group homes, juvenile care facilities, and privatized foster care. Yes....they are personally profiting from the sale of your child into institutionalization and if that doesn't work out the catch all is to make money for their states thru incentivized adoption.

This is the lawmaker that is in office by YOUR vote! This is the lawmaker who adopted two kids. This is the lawmaker receiving that very same tax credit for adopting,that he signed into law to get those unwanted kids out of foster care. What can you do? First of all get a hold of your lawmakers tax records and see if they are profiting from foster warehousing or forced adoption. Then ask them WHY? Then vote them out of office. If you do not contact your lawmakers and demand a halt to the federal adoption incentive funding, this barter of flesh for federal funding will not change. Demand an answer from your lawmaker. If they refuse, like Oklahoma's lawmakers have, vote them out of office. Keep in mind that lawmakers are supposed to represent all the citizens, fairly, and without thought to personal gain. The apathy to sit back and say, 'nothing will change" is going to pave the way for the sale of America's children to continue.

Get up and do something! Stop waiting for someone else to fix it. History shows us time and again that the people can raise up and take control of their government. Slavery, women's right to vote, the civil rights movement, the end to prohibition, the very founding of the country was an act of the people. I am calling American citizens to action. Be the voice of change for our #TAKEN children. We must pressure lawmakers in Washington DC to halt the blank check funding of the federal adoption incentives. Call, email, write your lawmaker today. Twitter and Facebook are both direct links to your lawmakers, contact them at least twice a week about the issues of forced adoption, foster warehousing, forced removal and medical kidnapping. Demand a halt to the confiscation of our children by corrupt family courts.

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 00:00
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