Sexual Exploitation

While foster care is touted as the saving grace of abused children by the foster care industry, family court judges, caseworkers and foster providers....I want to explore the dark side...

....of foster care....the sexual abuse of minor children by their caretakers.

I'm sure foster providers are already up in arms over the above sentence BUT this very real issue is actually prevalent in group home and institutional settings and appears to have worked it's way into the adoption industry also.

I have always known of the possibility of the sexual abuse of children in custody but had not actively searched for victims until #Pizzagate became front page news. Even after the #FakeNews fiasco has worked its' way through social media....the fact remains....the sexual exploitation of children "in care" is real....prevalent....and causing more damage to young Americans than anyone(especially the perpetrators) are willing to admit.

Foster children are the perfect victims of opportune sexual abuse. Foster provider perpetrators are masters of opportunity. Whether they are actual pedophiles or taking advantage of having sexual victims who may be too young to complain about what is happening to them...the fact remains that sexual predation of minor children who are "in care" is occurring at a much higher rate then The Child Welfare Bureau is willing to acknowledge.

Foster children are being raped, sodomized, given STD's and the solution to this problem appears to be to trundle them off to the next foster abuser. We see an increase in stories of children held prisoner by handcuffs, chained, and held captive in locked rooms.....and that's only the ones we hear about. How many children are being held captive against their will to be sexually exploited against their will by their captor's? We will never know.

I have spent some time searching The Child Welfare Bureau website over the last 3 1/2 years and I have yet to find a mention of sexual abuse by foster parents....I know it is happening...I was a foster kid....who had foster kid friends(that were sexually abused). I have spoken at length to hundreds of parents who believe their children are being abused and molested and over the inception of, I have started started talking to young adults who survived foster care, that are now willing to tell their stories.

There does not seem to be discretion as to the sex of the child...the perpetrators are quite willing to have sex with boys or girls, from infants to teenagers. It apparently has no prejudice as long as the perpetrator is able to attain sexual gratification.

Sexual abuse in group homes and institutions against children who have no voice in the court system and equally abused by staff and residents. My only question is "How can this be so prevalent and acceptable in the foster care industry"?

The stories I am listening to range in everything from teachers, coaches, mentors and foster providers sexual abuse to the barter of children into the sex trade after foster care dumps them at 18 (when funding stops) to child pornography and snuff films for sexual gratification.

I have now seen evidence with my own eyes of the rape of a teen boy by two pedophiles....with a list of perverts commenting on how hot it was to watch sexual acts with babies and the rape of extremely young girls. There are some images I have witnessed that will stay in my mind and in my nightmares to the grave.

My absolute worst fears for my grandson, and the #TAKEN children of my friends, all over America, are real.

What's worse is that sexual abuse of these #TAKEN children is largely ignored by the very persons charged with protecting them. When a caseworker is told about sexual abuse and the solution is to move the children to the next abusive foster home.....THERE IS A PROBLEM. The solution should never be to continue to allow the same foster abuser to continue to accumulate more sexual prey!

Calling the sexual abuse of children #FakeNews may actually have been started by the perpetrators of these heinous acts to cover their activities further.

It has been my experience that a sexual predator will do and say anything to not get caught so they can continue their sexual gratification and accumulation of victims.

Why are lawmaker's not acknowledging or addressing this issue? Could their personal financial interest in group homes and care facilities be clouding their judgement? Or is there a possibility that the rumors of #Pizzagate and the sexual abuse of children by those in power is closer to the mark of truth than anyone wants to admit.

Which brings us to the question of why the media blackout on the predatory practices of child traffickers also known as corrupt family court judges and caseworkers! Those lawmakers are very powerful people, after all look what they have managed to do with the social security act concerning incentivized adoption! Putting a price on a child's head and calling it an adoption subsidy. It might sound nice....but it is still the sale of children.

Children are suffering sexual abuse while "in care". This must stop. The worst fear of the parents of #TAKEN children is a reality.

The indignation towards the Catholic Church about the sexual abuse of children is not being translated towards perpetrators that find sanctuary inside "the system". My question is again "Why"?

Simple answer. Money.

American children are now a commodity to be bought and sold. A product. Traded for billions in federal dollars or sold openly in human trafficking.

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Wednesday, 05 July 2017 00:00
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