The Truth

People change. They realize their mistakes. They change. Or they stay on the same path and it kills them, eventually.

This holds true for each and every one of us.

Our society is all about rehabilitation. We rehabilitate the sick, prisoners, buildings and highways.

Acknowledging that people have faults and addictions. We as a country pray for these people and want them to succeed.

Why is it so much different for the family of origin in a CPS case?

Undermined, lied to, blackmailed, given false hope, all the while being told that reunification is the goal. Now we know that that was an intentional lie from day one in a majority of CPS cases.

No matter how many services you are going to lose your children. Forever. The sad reality is lawmakers, family court judges, and employees in child protection need job security. That comes on the body of an American child "in custody".

What about that noble stated goal of rehabilitative services and reunification? Very simply, it gets trampled under federal funding.

Families of #TAKEN children are treated like the scum of the earth by all parties listed above. The first question is ALWAYS, "what did you do?" There is no bigger presumption of guilt than in a family court case.

Some are guilty of child abuse but the vast majority of family members in family court cases are never charged with a crime. They are coerced into admitting guilt without benefit of due process on the promise they will get their children back.

In fear, and lack of knowledge, parents sign for services, not realizing they have just signed a death warrant for their family. Parents are told reunification is the goal right up until your smiling caseworker files a termination of parental rights.

Where is the rehabilitation of the family in a corrupt family court? It does not exist. I am often asked, "How do I get my children home". While I do not have an answer to that question, I do have a few theories.

Luck and numbers are the best answers I have. Because we already know completion of a service plan is no guarantee your children will come home. After watching cases and documenting outcomes for nearly three years I have come to a few conclusions:

1. Permanency planning supervisors know how many completed adoptions need to occur every month in order for a state to maintain its eligibility for federal adoption incentives. The number of completed adoptions in the current calendar year MUST exceed the number of completed adoptions in the previous calendar year, in order for a state to maintain its eligibility for federal adoption incentives.

2.Luck. If there is no interest in adopting your child, your child is "too old", "too ugly", the "wrong color", or "not a good fit" for prospective adopter's. You might have a chance! 3.Your child is so traumatized by the separation from his family of origin that he is now considered "unadoptable".

Rehabilitation? How can that happen when the pshyc eval is tainted, the counseling is only done to get the dirt on the parent, the parenting classes are ridiculous and every effort by the parent is undermined by a caseworker and CASA.

How can a process based in deception and lies be Child Protection in the land of the free and the home of the brave?

Have we devolved as a nation to the point where lies are encouraged and accepted in a courtroom where truth has historically been the standard? Truth is the least acceptable standard in corrupt family courtrooms.Back to the "rehabilitation" of the parent so reunification can occur. Don't believe that lie for one second. It is nothing more than a carrot on a stick. And for God's sake, do not sign anything....EVER. If you sign you are admitting guilt. Being guilty is why the court will then terminate your rights.

Luck and numbers. The new American Way.

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Wednesday, 26 July 2017 00:00
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