The Addicted Mother

I've taken a lot of flak over addiction, addicts and what happens to children in homes where addiction rules the roost. Addiction is a barbed hook....both for the addict and ANYONE in their life.....ESPECIALLY children.

I maintain my position that persons that are giving opiates to children to quiet them and make them sleep should not have children in their home.

Please remember (on this issue) who provides opiates to the American population. That's right....the American government. Getting people strung out makes it a hell of a lot easier to take their kids away.

Prescription opiates are expensive, heroin is not. Heroin is also easier to get. It's more socially acceptable to have a pill habit than a heroin habit. Because pills are "legal". Trust and believe that your dope habit is just that: a dope habit. Addiction. Our government uses addiction to remove the children they need for the adoption market, foster warehousing and the sex trade.

Having been an addict for nearly all of my life has given me a good deal of wisdom. Sobriety has given me the good sense to use that wisdom.

Women who want to get high and make that a life priority need to go get fixed or use ironclad birth control.

The truth is addicts fuel the adoption market so they can get money for more dope. One only needs to take a close look at adoption market advertising to see that addicts are being used as brood mates to produce children(often addicted and passed off as healthy) for a highly lucrative adoption market.

One has to immediately wonder why this is happening. The answer is a complicated but efficient effort by lawmaker's to feed a highly lucrative adoption market and sex trade under the guise of the respectable goal of "Protecting Children". Addicted parents fit nicely into that package because they are expendable.

The truth is an ugly thing. I promise you not one pill is dispensed, nor one gram of heroin crosses our borders without the knowledge and consent of our lawmaker's. Addiction, like adoption and the sex trade, is a very profitable endeavor for "the respectable" part of our society. Let doctors be the fall guy for prescribing just as parents are the fall guy for child protection agencies (child traffickers).

Women need to take back control of their bodies and choose not to produce if they want to be an addict.

Women are providing the "goods" for this market. That needs to stop. Birth control in pill form can be very effective. What's one more pill if your already gobbling down a handful? Our government sees children as a commodity. It also sees addicts as a cheap asset to that commodity. Do the math. Stop producing the product.

Now I know all the pro-lifers and fellow Catholics are going to get their panties in a wad over this article, I am pro-life and a Catholic but I am also a staunch defender of a woman's right to make her own decisions about her body. I know....I know....I can't have it both ways. Well I can and I do. So get over it.

We as women, addicted or not, need to stop the adoption machine. Adoption incentives fuel the machine, and in my opinion fuel addiction to feed the machine of forced adoption, the foster care industry and sex trafficking.

Are you addicted? Are you perpetuating CPS crimes against the family by continuing to produce children. Please make a choice to get sober, or please get clipped and stop having children.

The defunding of Planned Parenthood has been done with malice of forethought to fuel the adoption market. Who are the fall guys for that action? Pro-lifer's of course. I say again, "women have the key to ending the adoption trade and the sex trade in children in the choices they make about their own body".

Next time you choose to have a baby and you are addicted or poor, try to remember that you are a target. Nothing more than the carrier of the product that our government has turned into the most valuable commodity in the world: your child.

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Friday, 18 August 2017 00:00
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