The Case of Jody Herring

A mother in #Vermont takes a shotgun and kills 3 family members and a caseworker after losing custody and then all contact with her child.

She is vilified endlessly in the media as a raging out of control lunatic.

It begs the question, "Doesn't anyone wonder how she arrived at that precise moment of being able to end lives without hesitation?"

I happen to know the answer to that question.

While she did end four a violent manner....I don't think she was out of control.

Angry? Yes. Pushed to the edge by a judge, caseworker and family members who wanted her out of the picture so they could have the child to themselves....she had finally had enough.

It may be a hard pill for you to swallow....but I don't blame her. I blame a system rife with corruption...that laughs in the face of justice....that pushes and prods....promises that are actually lies....and robs a parent of EVERY dignity imaginable.

I've murdered the district attorney, judge, caseworker, CASA, permanency planning supervisor, those two school secretaries, the cop, the intake worker, and the assistant deputy director of OKDHS and that worthless court appointed attorney IN MY MIND.....daily...since Jake was #TAKEN.

I cannot tell you with reasonable assurance that I can maintain control of myself on any given day should I meet any of them on the street.

When I think of the injustices I have witnessed in not only my own case but in now multiple thousands of cases across the United States.....I'm actually surprised there aren't piles of dead caseworkers laying all over the place.

There was never ANY intention of Jake being returned. Even my own attorney knew that....she just didn't bother to tell me that part.

That those bastards strung me along....completely stressed out for seven months....made me jump through all those hoops.....KNOWING Goddamned good and well that they were going to terminate and adopt him out....still sends me into a complete psychotic rage EVERY SINGLE TIME I think of it.

And then to pass off that pathetic family court process as justice pisses me off even more.

I am a life long Constitutionalist, well read, educated, believed in justice in the courts.....only to find out it was all a big joke and the joke was on still makes me want to kill every last one of them.

That these smug little bastards can get away with what they do to families and smile the whole time because they know you are going to have to take the loss of your living children, pretend as if nothing has happened....makes me want to kill one of them right now!

The depth and breadth of the destruction of a life is near total in the loss of a living child.

Now millions of children have been #TAKEN....sold into the foster/adoption industry with the mastery of manipulation, guilt, control, and "justice".

My caseworker operated under the premise that she was being forced to sever visits because of MY behavior. The truth was a foster/adopter had expressed interest in purchasing my there was added financial incentive to get rid of the #FamilyOfOrigin.

The bad news is.....I haven't forgotten one shitty thing that was perpetrated against me in the #CorruptFamilyCourt of #LouisADuel OR who did it.

That's right...I still think how pleasant it would be to exact revenge on each one of them. I want them to suffer in the exact same manner that I have suffered. I want them to feel the incredible loss they inflicted on me in the name of justice. I want them to understand what it feels like to loose hope.

I'm not alone either. That I know for a fact.

For Jody life is now a rigid confinement. Justice served up by the very judicial system that caused her to take lives. The irony is inescapable.

For those of us who have not killed a caseworker....that irony continues endlessly. Victimized by a system of "justice" where in fact there is no justice....we must live out our lives as social outcasts because we have "lost" our children, in an endless nightmare of depression, guilt, ostracism, grief and rage.

We no longer fit into any part of the world we once knew and the entire time we are expected to stuff our grief and act as if nothing has happened.

Well....I refuse to comply. My anger will NEVER subside. It simmers. It boils. It's always there right on the edge. In fact the more I think about it....the closer I come to being completely out of control.

My only saving grace....or should I say the only saving grace for each one of them is that I see a grief counselor every week. When I miss a week or two....every evil thought I have EVER thought about any of them come back in technicolor. on the edge is dangerous. Multiply me times roughly 20 million other victims of the family court system and we are right on the verge of an uprising.

I just want folks to know....Jody Herring was not out of control. She wanted a reckoning. If she wasn't going to get justice.....she was going to serve some up....and she did just that.



Geri M Pfeiffer
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Wednesday, 29 November 2017 00:00
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