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The Alienation

My daughter alienated my grandchildren from me five years ago. Long before I knew anything about the forced alienation that would be delivered by OKDHS in a corrupt family court.

The disturbing and deep seated need my daughter has to alienate, castigate and try to destroy me is actually a common problem in the United States and is a direct product of not only mental illness but also our society's destruction of the family unit.

My children have a unique sociopathic ability to cut people out of their lives.

Or so I thought.

Actually my children are not unique. In my advocacy I have observed this phenomenon over and over. A grandparent raises or spends a massive amount of time with a grandchild....loving and caring for them....only to have them ripped away the first time the parent gets mad, is strung out again, or wants to inflict more pain on a helpless grandparent.

I've also watched a daughter in law alienate my grandchildren from their mother, causing even more damage.

I helped raise many beautiful grandchildren. Mom dropped them off every Friday. They, along with my other grandchildren would spend a weekend at memaw's with cousins creating the ties that will bind them long after my children and I are dead and gone.

Very recently a loved granddaughter described her memories of naps, macaroni and cheese, playing dress up, vacationing with me in Corpus Cristi, coloring, dress up, being read to and being loved at memaw's house.

My heart thrilled to hear her speak of treasures, now in her memory, that even I had forgotten. I WAS successful in my endeavor to create The Ties That Bind. My eldest grandchildren are close and will remain close for eternity.

So why the need to ostracize me from them? My usual "shoot from the hip" attitude did not fit into the lie my daughter chooses to live concerning her children. When her daughter, my granddaughter asked me if her dad was really her father....I told her the truth.

That truth got me eliminated from my grandchildren's lives for my daughter’s "forever". She may be able to put physical distance between myself and these grandchildren but she can do NOTHING to erase The Ties That Bind.

They still love me and I love them.

That's the great thing about cannot be destroyed. Even if I never see my grandchildren again here on earth.....I know, for a fact.....our love for each other does not die.

I now have three very small grandchildren that are alienated from me on a regular basis. I love them too.....even the ones I have never held. That's how it is with grandparents. We just love.....we cannot seem to help it. It is part and parcel of seeing that little tiny human that is part of us.

I will admit that through no fault of our own....we grandparents love our grandchildren....more than we ever loved our children. We can't help it....I believe our children know it and punish us for it. We suffer greatly for it. Our children seem to revel in the pain they create by alienating our beloved grandchildren from us.

I'm sure I will continue to be alienated in futile attempts to destroy a love that is so cannot be destroyed. I won't be invited to parties, showers, picnics and family events because of this perverted need to hurt. I will always be on the outside looking in from a distance because my daughter suffers from mental illness.

I carry in my heart the knowledge of a love that cannot be tarnished by a near satanic need to destroy.

I have moved on but I see this anguish repeated endlessly in my work with #FamilyOfOrigin. Adopters and #CorruptFamilyCourts use this type of alienation to move countless loving grandparents to the side and then completely out of a #TAKEN child's life. Assimilating the child into the foster/adopt industry, away from grandparents they know and love and breaking the hearts of not only the children but every single grandparent that has encountered the #CorruptFamilyCourt process. This type of removal is a moral blight on our society.

I see one parent or the other be the recipient of this type of alienation in divorce and custody battles EVERY single day. It it really that hard to understand that what you are doing to your children when you participate in court goals for the destruction of your children's lives?

Come on now people. Forced Alienation is destroying our children....their grandparents and YOU.

All I know is my love for my grandbabies has given me strength eternal to live on and aspire to great things in my work and advocacy. My work is dedicated to each grandchild of my own and many millions more that I have come to know thru my loss of #JakeDenzilCumpian.

If you are loved by a grandchild and have been alienated from that child by your children....please know you are not alone.

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Saturday, 02 December 2017 00:00
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