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My Third Opinion

Awareness is the foundation of any cause or movement. We are still on the ground floor of awareness.

The federal adoption incentives were created by US Congressmen in Washington DC. They are the only people who can revise or rescind the law. Unless a president would refuse to sign when the law comes up for renewal every two years, I don't see a democratic president EVER doing that.

In order for a lawmaker to change his vote, it takes lobbying and pressure from constituents. That's why I stay on Twitter, I contact my US Congressmen from Oklahoma EVERYDAY. I also contact EVERY US Congressman on matters such as the open records for adoption, ending the adoption incentives, Foster care reform and I lay the #TAKEN album on them regularly on Twitter, Facebook and email.

There are other advocates who soldier away with me (Tammy Thomas, Kristy Huggins, Kathy Lester, Kim Hazelwood, Shirley Clebourne) to name a few. Point being, its very few. With 640,000 children in custody and that child having (minimum) 5 concerned adults, we should be burning social media to the ground with overload tweets and comments on lawmakers facebook pages.

As long as its just a few parents, we are wolves howling in the dark, only when we stand together do we become a force to be reckoned with.

Protests are not working because very few will get off their butts, away from their computer and hold up a sign.

We are ALL at our computers. I have endlessly posted contact information on US Congressmen.

We needed to raise awareness among parents starting the corrupt family court process, so I made flyers. I believe in areas where advocates are handing out flyers in front of courthouses, we are making a difference. In cities and towns where advocates and activists are out pounding the pavement, awareness among people who don't know what CPS is, awareness is being elevated.

We MUST have a solid foundation of awareness to be successful in this movement.

This is not something that will happen in 2 years or 5 or 10. This is a movement that will take time and effort beyond what any single one of us may ever see.

We MUST stand in unity and press on, EVERYDAY. As I have said many times, it took 80 years to create this nightmare, it will not change overnight.

I know many of us are tired, and many have walked away from our cause out of frustration but take a look at how far we have come!

Two years ago parents were lost and struggling. We now have advocates who give parents information at the very beginning of the corrupt family court process! Right outside the courtroom! I didn't have that!

We have world class advocates, activists, protesters, and a few journalists now who are fighting for us! We didn't have that 2 years ago.

We got help from Anonymous! They have moved the cause of #TAKEN children onto the world stage. Something we could not have done on our own. Their tech savvy and in your face attitude gave us courage! They screamed what we had only quietly spoke of previously!

We have a logo, hashtags, and now we have a website for our #TAKEN children to find us!

We have come a long way baby!!! Do we have a long way to go? YES WE DO!!! But you know what? I have faith in us and I'm in it to win it!!!

I will not stop, EVER! I say let's keep going. I am open to all suggestions as long as they are peaceful solutions. I do not condone what is known as "common law" nor do I believe good can come from raiding CPS offices (even though I would personally enjoy terrorizing caseworkers). We must exercise our constitutional rights. But it is important to try to stay out of jail while we do it.

We must continue to raise awareness, we must reach parents so they know what to do BEFORE CPS appears, and what to do to prevent the nightmares we have lived through.

Many of us must prepare for the day our children search for us because we must keep hope in our hearts. My desire to hug my grandson again and the horror I lived through at the hands of a corrupt family court judge and greedy caseworkers is what drives me.










Geri M Pfeiffer
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Friday, 20 April 2018 00:00
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