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Monroe’s Project

A birth in Miami, Florida....Monroe Jayleona Sarvis born September 13,2015 at Jackson Memorial Hospital. No complications....this child came home and was soon handed over to her maternal grandmother....Jennifer Feldman. Jennifer did what many grandparents do....she accepted her grandchild into her home....going right into the role of full time caretaker of Monroe. Even though Jennifer’s daughter lived in the home she willingly allowed Jennifer to take full care of her daughter.

Jennifer did what we all do as grandparents....she fell completely in love with her new little granddaughter.....buying everything a little girl could need or want, enjoying each moment with Monroe....little did she know what was ahead as she settled into the role of mother/grandmother to this tiny baby girl.

Jennifer’s daughter announced she would be going out to lunch with Monroe and instead took the baby to a private adoption agency. By the time Jennifer was told....the papers were already signed. The decision was made. Without ever consulting the grandmother in whose arms this child had been nurtured and loved....not even given an opportunity to say good bye....Monroe a life with unknown strangers.

Numb from shock....and unaware of any possible the time Jennifer tried to make a legal move....Monroe was long gone. Adopted and shipped off to New York. That information accidentally given to her by the first adoption attorney.

Jennifer spent every spare second hammering away at the adoption agency, the attorney....anyone she thought might give her clues to Monroe’s whereabouts. She was determined to end this adoption and bring Monroe home.

This determination would take Jennifer down many roads....on one of those roads....she found me.....another grieving grandmother. I shared my experiences, my website and gave my opinion on her options.

Jennifer decided that while she was working to bring Monroe home....she would raise awareness of adoption issues with a campaign she would call Monroe’s Project. She rented a space at a local flea market and started telling her story to anyone that would listen.

The unfair truth is that children raised by grandparents in America and especially in Florida is that those grandparents have no legal rights or say in children they may have raised for the child’s entire life.

We love them, we care for them....and then they are ripped from our arms and dumped on a very profitable adoption market either thru a private adoption agency or a state run sale barn.

Jennifer tracked those adopters down and asked to see Monroe or at least know she was OK. She was served a cease and desist order with an order of protection by the adopter’s who showed up in #JudgeShapiro’s courtroom with a body guard. Really? A bodyguard? To protect him from what? A grieving grandmother? How about try to be a human and give her a photo and some comfort that her granddaughter is well? Are you really so insecure in your life that you can’t share Monroe with her #FamilyOfOrigin? People that love her? What in the hell is wrong with you?

This dismantling of American families by pushy and overzealous adoption agencies is sickening. It certainly begs the question....Why? Well for profit of course. Which leads to another question....How much pressure or financial awards go along with these type of “private” adoptions?

What price are these desperate adopters willing to pay?

The most appalling part of this entire episode in the District Court of Judge Shapiro is the video that clearly shows the judge telling Jennifer that it would be best if she just forget about her grandchild. WAIT....What!?! I can’t even believe that a judge would make a statement like that on a recording. I’m willing to bet that statement will come back to haunt him in the future. His statement is a clear example of how uncaring and callous the adoption industry can be.

Let me say here Jennifer is not alone. Multiple thousands of alienated grandparents live with this anguish in America. Not knowing where their grandchildren have #disappeared to or if they are OK. It is a shameful statement of the adoption industry in our country.

For now Jennifer has been silenced. Forbidden by Judge Shapiro to use Monroe’s image or mention her or her adopter’s on social media. I question the legality of restricting the use of photo’s that were taken by Jennifer before the adoption AND the denial of Jennifer’s First Amendment right to free speech under the Constitution of the United States of America. She is now exploring her options.

One thing that will not Jennifer's love for Monroe. A love that has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by Jennifer’s courageous fight to bring Monroe home.

AmericasTaken stands with Jennifer and we will continue to be a voice for her and Monroe. Monroe is in our gallery of #TAKEN children and her profile will remain in place until the day she searches for her #FamilyOfOrigin.


Geri M Pfeiffer
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