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Public Perception Private Hell

Hoda Kotbe has Sandra Bullock on the Today Show this morning and they spend time “bonding” as they discuss the adoptions of three children....two for Bullock and one for Kotbe.

They both go on and on about the joy they have found adopting children. Bullock mentions the hundreds of thousands of children that are available to choose from and neither give one word to the “other side” of adoption in America.

They ignore the #FamilyOfOrigin. Where the child came from. Who the child REALLY is and the fact that there may be grieving family members that were ignored for kinship placements.

The truth of adoption in America is that poole of “hundreds of thousands” of children to chose from came at great cost to the roots, history, and Constitutional Rights of not only the child but every biological family member of that child as well.

The adoption industry is using these two star personalities to put a nice shiny exterior on what is actually the largest for profit human trafficking operation in the history of the world. All legal. All government sanctioned and funded. All nice and pretty in the eyes of the public.

The reality of the grief for families, the depression, the loss of a living child, the lifelong disconnect for that child, the trauma of not knowing the truth, the reality of the dollar value of the harvest of children for the adoption market, the denial of sibling love......ALL ignored by these two celebrities as they yaw away on the “blessing” they revolting.

The truth is the American Adoption Market is little more than a sale barn for human flesh where you can go online and pre-select your requirements for “the perfect fit” from a list of computer prompts and the website will spare you the bother of looking at children that may not fit your requirements.

Only want a boy? No problem. Hit the preference button for a boy.

Only want a certain color? No problem. Tap that Caucasian button and the rest aren’t even on the screen.

How many? Pick the number.

Do you like a child from another state? No shipping.

This narrowing of possibilities is the purest form of bias available as children are inspected and their “best qualities” are presented in much the same manner as cattle in a sale barn.

I have observed the AdoptUS website for five years now. The same physically and mentally handicapped children are hanging out in perpetuity....constantly overlooked in search of a healthy specimen of a child.

It’s all revolting....this sale barn/commodity approach to what is actually flesh reality no different that slavery.

What have we come to as a nation that pick-a-child websites and adoption agencies are now the standard for building a “perfect family”?

What happened to the natural order? Accepting God’s plan? The adoption industry certainly knows how to market this product....tugging on every heartstring available: It’s your duty as a Christian to provide a home for these poor parentless orphans. When the reality is that this false market of children in need of homes was created by lawmakers to funnel federal dollars into their state’s coffers. That’s right Adoption in America today is about money.

Money for states. Money for courts. Money for Child Protection Agencies. Grossly inflated salaries for private adoption agency executives. Everyone is profiting off the false adoption market.....except the child. The kid who is left with a lifetime of issues over possibly being rejected by birth family, acceptance issues, depression, trauma, abuse in foster care.....and on and on and on. All so someone could make a buck. Millions of bucks. Actually billions.

Kotbe and Bullock didn’t touch on ANY of these issues. Probably because they don’t know these issues exist. Adoption in America is marketed very carefully. So carefully the vast majority of Americans feel the same way these two unknowing frontmen do.....and an entire population of victims of adoption perpetuation is effectively silenced because they are ostracized as dopeheads and abusers, ignored by the court and the industry that victimized harvest of the child... they are silent in their grief.

That silence is the breeding bed of this crime against humanity. A crime for which we, as a nation will pay for. As this population grows....silence about the truth of adoption is no longer acceptable. We will be silent no longer. Our grief has not disappeared because of our silence. It is there....a kanker on our nations history....ripening into a cancer that we, as a nation, will ultimately pay a heavy price for.
Geri M Pfeiffer
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Friday, 01 June 2018 00:00
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