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The Greatest Love

He saw her standing in the back of a truck. When the truck stopped in front of him.....he could not take his eyes off of her. She wondered who this boy was...staring at her. They locked eyes and the beginning of one of the greatest loves ever written about began.

They were both fourteen on that day. She was a Catholic girl. During the next four years they spent every possible moment together. They only saw each other and their future together. No doubt that they were made for each other. In their eighteenth year....they married. No messing around either! They waited. The waiting made the loving all the more special. Even though Raymond was not a Catholic....their marriage was blessed in the church and he was brought into the faith.

He was as smitten as the day he met her.....every single day of their marriage and that went both ways.....he was the love of her life.....their only loves had been each other. They started their married life with love, hope and the confidence of their faith.

In a few years the children started coming miscarriage.....their faith assured them that she was in heaven....but still a sadness in their hearts when they thought of Cecilia Marie.....their faith carried them. They knew she was in the arms of their Savior. The other six; Christianna Marie, Theresa Marie, Annalisa Marie, Julianna Marie, Raymond Matthew and Jacob Matthew. Raymond insisted each daughter carry the name of the blessed Virgin and all were baptized into the Catholic faith.

They were busy living life with a bunch of kids when Raymond started getting sick. He would get violently ill, be hospitalized for long periods, eventually be accused of doctor shopping and seeking pain medication. He suffered physically in the worst way. Misdiagnosed many times between 2001 and 2015 he was finally diagnosed with diabetes.

Anna and Raymond chose to not vaccinate and decided to homeschool their children. Those decisions would mark a costly turning point in their lives. Turned in for not vaccinating....a Child Protective Services worker appeared from Broward county DCF in Florida opened a case on them....removed their children and started this family on a path that can only be described as a horror story.

Completing services the children were returned twice but then snatched back out of the home as their vindictive caseworker sought out actions to “end the breeding” and bring the Neanderthal children under control. She recommended abortion and sterilization to the mom during the last pregnancy and then proceeded to dismantle their lives in the family court system.

During this time Raymond continued to be hospitalized for long periods. He would miss the required parenting classes and be told to start over, his medical excuses were ignored by the caseworker and dismissed by Judge Elizabeth Sheers as not acceptable. This judge was a member of the Catholic Church they attended. To Anna it was inconceivable that a Catholic could act in such a heartless fashion but there it was.....she and Raymond completed service after service, she pregnant and working full time, walking to work and classes as Raymond continued to decline and eventually entered a diabetic coma in 2015.

Each day at three o’clock Anna and Raymond would pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for their children. Raymond could never get through the prayer without crying. The devastation of losing his children weighed on his heart and mind as a man, as a husband and as a father. If he could just get better he would bring his children home.

The problem was that each misdiagnosis took him further from the health he craved, further from the man he had been and eventually completely out of the reach of his life goal of being a husband and father. You see Raymond was a simple man.....wife and kids.....that was it to him.

The vultures of the family court were there to pick away at his health, to undercut his efforts, to sever his and Anna’s rights, and to adopt their children to three different homes.....separated forever.

In those last months in the hospital Raymond continued to decline. The untreated diabetes and the character assignation of the caseworker and family court had taken its toll. The cause of death may have been diabetes but you may be assured.....the injustices of the family court process in Broward county, Florida killed Raymond Randall.

It did not help at all that on the last day of his life Raymond was given an IV of the wrong kind of insulin that sent him into cardiac arrest and ended his life.

Now Anna is alone. Cut off in mid marriage and life from her loving husband, her six beloved children......she clings to her faith and the love of Christ. Reeling from the losses she has returned to her parents home temporarily until she can bear to think of the life ahead of her....without the man she loved so much.

How does one go on?

For Anna....the sure and certain knowledge that Raymond is no longer suffering and has attained the kingdom of heaven the only thing that has carried her through this nightmare.

As we talked over these days of grief, I was uplifted by Anna’s faith. As a fellow Catholic I was humbled and amazed at the love story she unfolded before me. Simply the greatest love story ever told. Sullied only by the bleak and gross truths of the family court system in America today.....Anna continues to ponder, “How can this happen in the United States where truth and justice are supposed to be the American way?”

I do not have any good answers that a grieving wife and mother want to hear Anna. My answers are the cold analytical answers of my own nightmare in family court and years of research. No comfort to the all consuming grief of this loss.

She has their last photo together. The photo shown with this article. The photo of a great love. But if you look deeply into Raymond’s can see the pain and grief of the loss of his children. can also see his love for the woman at his side through it the very end.

In Loving Memory

Raymond Matthew Jung

Born 12-18-1980

Died 9-18-2018

Loving husband and father

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 00:00
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