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Why has adequate representation been lacking in the family court process since its inception?

Very simple. The family court process is corrupt. The goal is adoption. The family court is the perfect stage to take children from “unfit” parents and make it appear as though there is actual due process when nothing could be further from the truth.

The family court is an act. A #PonziScheme. With all the appearance of justice and accountability. That attorney standing next to you is part of the act.

In reality family court is a child brokering firm.

Human flesh has historically held a high value.

Our government and its lawmakers have created the perfect plan to eliminate parents it deems unacceptable. Then it flouts adoption as the perfect solution. After all what more Christian Act is there than to give an orphan a home.

The problem is #TAKEN children are not orphans. They have families. Families that now number in the hundreds of thousands. Families that are destroyed forever by the loss of a living child.

Do lawmakers offer any help to a #FamilyOfOrigin after their child is harvested? No counseling, nothing. Just a removal from services, medical care and food stamps. After all reducing the number of people on services is a way to get votes.....and the approval of “acceptable” folks. Family is tossed aside like rags. That attorney standing next to you helps facilitate every step of your nightmare.

The Christian thing to do. Give these kids a “forever family”......completely ignoring the fact that each child is born with a forever family. Churches wholeheartedly support adoption as “what Christ would do”.

I assure you.....Jesus was not handing American children over to strangers! He definitely was not alienating and assimilating children into a family of strangers!

He was also not receiving federal funding for it like attorney’s, family court judges, Child Protection Agencies, the CASA program, Guardian Ad Litems, caseworkers and the related services industry is.

Our government(with the blessing of U.S. Congressmen) is selling our children. To strangers. With the help and guidance of the attorney that you hired.

Those children end up being screwed up for life. But wait.....the government profits off that too. The cradle to grave incarceration of American citizens is well documented. Foster/adopt is part of that pipeline.

All for profit. Federal dollars for the counties and states these #TAKEN children live in. Snatching kids for forced adoption is good for business.

Think about it. Not only does every attorney, court employee and the endless hierarchy of state CPS employees make a paycheck off your #TAKEN child.......doctors, counselors, drug testing facilities, providers of parenting classes, CASA, treatment facilities, adoption agencies and fostercare placement companies make BILLIONS of dollars a year.

When the funding ends at age 18.....these kids are tossed to the curb. Inadequately prepared for the world.....they have children that are also #TAKEN and the cycle repeats itself.

All with the “help” of your friendly attorney. The one that insisted on a huge retainer and then stood by silently while your child was alienated, assimilated and bartered to strangers for federal dollars.

If you are poor and can not afford an attorney.....the court appointed you one with the quickness of lightening. Why? To silence you. Did you know that court appointed attorney also receives federal funding for representing you? No court appointed attorney’s are not “pro bono” attorney’s. Those sneaky little devils are billing under Title IV and the Social Security Act(also known as the Federal Adoption Incentives Program).

The appointment of counsel gives the court the cover of the appearance of due process when in actuality....all the decisions about your child have already been made. Your attorney knows this. But remains silent. Sucking up your fees and federal dollars like a sponge.

Don’t look to the Bar Associations fit justice either. The Bar is made up of.....wait for’s. What did judges do before they came on the bench? That’s right. They were attorney’s.

Attorney’s everywhere and still no justice. Especially in the corrupt family courts of America......where children are evaluated and bartered like wheat or cattle.

Right here in America.


Geri M Pfeiffer
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Monday, 15 April 2019 00:00
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