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Elizabeth Lisa Bevilacqua

So I pissed off an adopter the other day with my comment about “Forever Ours”....who also happens to be a #NewYork attorney.

She runs a group called Mothers Against Anti-Adoption. Even the name of the group is an oxy-moron. First of all mothers that bear their own children don’t care about adoption.....wait for it.....because they bore children....they are busy and don’t have time for this type of idiocy.

So this attorney broad has decided to send her trolls in to harass our page.

We apologize for any harassment our followers are experiencing from this clearly deranged attorney from New York....Lisa Bevilacqua.

I am not misleading anyone. AmericasTaken is an anti-fostercare/adoption page. I don’t deny that in any manner EVER. One would only need to scroll thru a few of my posts to figure that out.

I am very clear about the work I do. I search for #TAKEN children, reunite them AND adoptees with their #FamilyOfOrigin. I work with adoptees of all ages. I do not care what adopters think about the work I do. In fact I don’t really care what anyone thinks about me or my work.

My goal is and always has been to give adopted and #TAKEN children the answers they are seeking on their #Found journeys.

Deep within each of us is the desire to know who and where we came from. It cannot be erased with a sign that says “Forever Ours”, “Gotcha Day” or “Home At Last”.

What I do know is that the day a person finds out they are adopted.....they begin searching for their biological family. It does not matter if that child is 12 or 70. They have so many questions that need to be answered.....they start searching.

No amount of erasure of biological family can change the basic instinct we have to seek the answers of our origin. I know my biological family back four, five and now six generations(thanks to my cousin) and I’m still searching!

So it’s not hard to imagine that an adoptee that has NONE of the answers that I have found.....would want to know who and where they came from.

The adoption industry in America has tried to make adoption a great cost to the children it barters away to strangers.

For me and hundreds of thousands of families that suffered #AdoptionLoss or as I call it: the loss of a living child......there is no common ground with adopters. You took our living child and reprogrammed him to be something he is not. He is not your child. He will never be your child.

So don’t expect us to stand quietly by and continue to allow the atrocities that have been foisted upon us by a family court judge interested in federal funding.

As offended as you get at our anti adoption rhetoric.....remember.....we are just as offended that you are trying to make our children a blank slate for your selfish need.

I have no sympathy for childless people. I do not agree that your need to be a mother should cost so much to so many other people. God makes people childless for his own reasons....just like he gives other people children. Nothing you can say will EVER change my mind or the minds of the people I represent.

Gratefully I live in America, where I have the Constitutionally protected right to have my own beliefs AND the right to speak, peacefully assemble and demonstrate if I so choose. Without harassment.

You would think that an attorney(that knows the law and the Constitution)would not demand that her followers report, stalk and harass someone. To think that this attorney has adopted a child is another adoption horror story in the making. A child that was adopted to satisfy the narcissistic need of a psychopath attorney to be a “mother”.

I can tell you one amount of harassment will EVER shut me up. I stand with and for #TAKEN children, adoptees AND their #FamilyOfOrigin. I will not stand down and I certainly won’t shut up.

Geri Pfeiffer


Geri M Pfeiffer
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Wednesday, 21 August 2019 00:00
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