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Civil Disobedience

Time and time again I hear the statement from #FamilyOfOrigin......”No one will help me”.

One thing you need to understand from the moment your children are #TAKEN.....there is NO state or federal agency, program, office, or person that assists parents in the corrupt family court process.

Not even your court appointed attorney.....who by the way receives a fee from the very agency(HHS) that is terminating your rights and adopting your children to strangers.

It came up again several times yesterday when a parent started demanding their parental rights to me. First of me the law that gives you parental rights. Show me where you “have a right to your child”. Please don’t tell me you have a constitutional right to your “property”. I remind you it is illegal(the Emancipation Proclamation) to claim a human being as property since Jan 1, 1863.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us out in the cold, alone, ostracized because we are “abusers”. It leaves us on the receiving end of a system designed to sell children on the open adoption market.

Make no mistake.....just because a judge and caseworker tells you that reunification is the goal.....that does not mean you are hearing the fact nothing could be further from the truth.

The actual goal is termination of parental rights and adoption to strangers. That’s right.....that living breathing child that you love more than anything in the world is a commodity to the country you love. Nothing more.

Our country has become a nation of child sellers.

So stop believing that crap about reunification and start preparing for battle. Get off your ass and stop waiting for some imaginary agency to help you. There is no one to help you.

You MUST be pro active in your fight for your children.

Notice I did not say give up or go along MUST be your own soldier in this epic battle against evil.

There are multiple hundreds of thousands of do gooders in America that believe they are performing an act of Christian kindness by fostering and then adopting YOUR child. They sincerely believe they are the saints of Our Savior....rescuing children from a life of horror. No one is telling them the truth either so you really can’t be mad at them.....they have been duped also. Duped into being a warehouse for your child. They actually get paid on the cheap for their services while the Child Protection Agency and the Family Court reel in multiple millions a year on the confiscation and sale of your precious child.

You need to learn that you have no friends in this particular war. Scammers will take your money....on the promise that if you follow their hair brained will get your children back. Nothing could be further from the truth. These scammers and the flunkies that support and promote these schemes should all be tarred and feathered in the streets.

Then there’s those ruthless attorneys that will take everything you have on the promise of getting your child home....knowing full well there is absolutely nothing they can actually do to bring your child home. They are the worst ones of all. Charging you(a person who makes ten bucks an hour) 250.00 an hour to “help” you.

Don’t forget all those courthouse employees(from the court clerk to the judge).....every single one of them benefiting financially because you are standing in their courthouse fighting for your children.

That’s right.....there’s no one. Not one state or federal agency to assist you, a tax paying citizen, in your search for “justice”.

The family court system is the largest operating Ponzi scheme in the world. Do you know what a Ponzi scheme needs to continue to operate? It needs product. That product is your child. Not just in family court either. Divorce court. Juvenile court. Every single court process has one common denominator: children.

I have watched parents for six years now....bewildered that there is no one to help them. I have watched parents give up, turn to drugs and commit suicide. I have watched people in the #TAKEN cause rip each other apart. Call each other names. Destroy each other’s lives. Doing everything but help each other.

I’ve organized many a protest.....and most often protested alone because no one bothered to show up.

If you are not willing to protest, contact lawmakers.....yes.....#RaiseYourVoice.....and literally be ready to take action in the street for your on earth can you expect some unknown agency to assist you?

This is war. It should be treated as such. Until we riot in the streets.....we will not be heard. Is your child important enough to do battle for? Mine grandson is.

Does the idea of Revolution seem to far fetched for you? Tell that to the men that fought and died for our that we could be a free people.

Revolution is an act of the oppressed. We, the families of #TAKEN children ARE the oppressed.

We must act.


This is an epic battle between good and evil.

History has shown us.....nothing occurs without sacrifice.

We must engage in active resistance of the family court system.

That means we must appear at courthouses. Even by the very act of our presence....we MUST engage in civil disobedience in the halls of courthouses, in front of courthouses, even in the street.

It means we must appear en masse at state legislature’s to protest.....TO BE HEARD!

It may mean being arrested, being beaten by police, going to jail and yes even dying.

Are you willing to pay the price to make change? Or are you only interested in your case, your injustice, your children.....your life?

I would rather die in Revolution than die from a broken heart.

#JakeDenzilCumpian(now Williams)

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Tuesday, 22 October 2019 00:00
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