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This is a database of TAKEN children. If you are an adopted or fostered child who has aged out of the system, you can search for yourself using this database.

Our database is open to Parents of #TAKEN Children to post their child's info and birth details in an effort to someday reconnect with them as they age out of the system.

Search more than one search criteria. Try names only. Then try birth date. Try birth date and city or birth date and zip code. Don't let one empty search deter you. The information may not be listed the way you expect it to be listed.

NOTE: After doing each search, scroll down past the search field to see the results of your search. You will need to do this for each search you perform. Click the button below to begin your search.

This database is always being updated as more and more parents of TAKEN Children join the site and list their children.

For this reason, don't let an empty search result fool you..

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Friday, 23 August 2013 00:00
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America’s Taken

"Our mission is giving children #TAKENbyCPS and their biological families a forum to search for each other."