Forever #TAKEN

The steady rise in numbers of children in foster care has created the collateral damage of the loss of life for a percentage of America's foster children.The drastic increase in the need for foster homes has caused child protection agencies to overlook certain guidelines in their quest for Title IV funding.

The number of deaths of children in foster care compared to the general population is astronomical. While numbers vary according to reporting sources like The Children's Gateway and The Child Welfare Bureau, it is indeed a tragic fact that too many American children are dying at the hands of a court and state approved Foster provider. Foster provider's that are PAID to provide adequate housing and care for ‪#‎TAKEN‬ children.

I'm sure my critics will be quick to say, "What about the children killed by their parents?" I happen to have an answer for that: Children are killed by parents. It is an American tragedy that this occurs in our modern and civilized society. The death of a child must beg the question: why has our society failed its members in such an epic way that a parent goes "off the deep end" and takes a life. We cannot assume that every child's death by a parent is a parents "fault". Our culture of addiction, stress, and a serious lack of compassion and mercy for parents in crisis is to blame.

How do we resolve this?

Unfortunately DHS in Oklahoma(and many other states) is allowed to get away with murder by paying off the biological family of the child to shut up and go away. Giving a parent a couple of million dollars to "ease their suffering" is standard operating procedure for child protection agencies. It happens regularly.

A foster provider kill's a child and basically gets away with murder because DHS paid the family off. The irony of this for me is they got away with murder in the very same courthouse courthouses where thousands of #TAKEN children are sold into forced adoption.

Is a Foster child's life of so little value to our government that corrupt family court judges are assisting Foster provider's and child protection agencies in getting away with murder?

These parents of dead #TAKEN children are in a perfect position to force DHS to come into compliance with federal laws already in place, concerning Foster care guidelines and requirements, by not only suing but demanding stricter requirements and monitoring of Foster provider's. Without exception these families take the carrot offered to them and turn and walk away.

The tragedy of a dead Foster child will NEVER change as long as the biological parents fold under a payoff. We must demand tighter requirements on Foster provider's by contacting our STATE representatives who oversee the state offices of child protection.

This issue is epidemic in the United States and it must be addressed now.

A complete review of Foster care guidelines is necessary. Stricter regulations such as a Pshyc evaluation, comprehensive random background and criminal checks, and a reporting clearinghouse by DEA to react to foster parents who are strung out on prescription drugs are just a few guidelines if like to see in place.

Tighter oversight of judicial decisions should also be required. Family court judges operate as loose cannon's in the closed family court room. The day's of a judge's discretion and personal agenda's for capturing funding need to end.

Activist, Tammy Thomas believes these children should not be forgotten. She has compiled a list of children killed while in the care of Child protective Services in the United States. She believes these children should have a voice. She believes their deaths should set a standard for tighter oversight of our children "in care".

The following link is the memorial to those children. Titled, "Forever #TAKEN, aptly describes the tragic end to their individual stories.

forever #TAKEN

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Wednesday, 17 August 2016 00:00


America’s Taken

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