Three siblings #TAKEN from their #FamilyOfOrigin and placed in the foster home of Mallory and Peter Krajian were subjected to the worst kind of abuse imaginable with Andrew, age 3, ending up dead.

The children were regularly punished for common childhood issues like misbehaving and bed wetting.....what was uncommon was the punishment. Food deprivation, being hit in the genitals with a wooden spoon, having tufts of hair ripped out of their head, and fatally for Andrew being slugged about the face and head causing horrific bruising that is clearly visible under the makeup in his death photo.

What makes this crime even more troubling is Peter Krajian pled our to a lesser charge and literally walked away while Mallory Krajian won’t even face any criminal charges at all because the District Attorney’s office in Tulsa, #Oklahoma has decided there is not enough evidence of abuse to get a conviction.....so they stood down from prosecuting the case and she has walked free. Free to move in with some guy that has three small children....so she can quite possibly kill again.

There are many disturbing aspects to Andrew’s death. As an advocate new to the issues of #TAKEN children...I met two of Andrew’s relatives, his great aunts, online as they searched and advocated for justice for Andrew. One great aunt....a foster parent with foster children in her home was refused the opportunity to take her great niece and nephews into her home. This woman is also a nurse. While highly trained and extremely capable....the Department of Human Services in Oklahoma refused that placement. The agency wanted the higher pay scale of a stranger placement and allowing the children to live in #Missouri would mean Oklahoma would loose all funding....something I now know the state of Oklahoma avoids at all costs.....even the cost of a child’s life.

Andrew suffered horrific abuse. The photo shown on this article was given to me in private message when they told me Andrews story. The photo has remained carved into my memory and soul since the moment I laid eyes on it and will remain there until I die.

In the years since I first saw the photo I have advocated for hundreds of #TAKEN children and their #FamilyOfOrigin.....always with Andrew’s photo.....a photo of a toddler in his coffin....surrounded by toys he would never see. The file I have of photos of dead #TAKEN children would grow over the years....each child....a monumental loss to the fabric of our nation and yet cast aside by the very family court system that had harvested the children in the first place.

I can think of no greater affront to a #FamilyOfOrigin than to have a child taken away, abused by foster parents to the point of death, and then to have the child protection agency hand the lifeless body of that child back to them.....with a toe tag and a death certificate. Not even providing a coffin or the expense of a grave.....even though the agency, the caseworker AND the judge are directly responsible for their beloved child’s death.

Andrew didn’t deserve any of this.

He and his sister and brother were little children....trying to survive. Andrew didn’t make it out alive. The thing that haunts my mind the most is, “what were Andrew’s last thoughts”? Did he even know that he was suffering? Or was he so accustomed to being slapped, kicked and having his hair pulled out.....that he didn’t even know any other way of life?

As he closed his eyes for the last time....was it a complete resignation to suffering? My heart aches at the thought that it could be this way for a child that was supposed to be in a better home than he had come from. A home where he should have been nurtured, hugged, encouraged and loved so that he could achieve his fullest potential.

Instead he lies in a grave....tended by family members who grieve and continue to fight for justice.

In my opinion....Tulsa District Attorney’s office is just as guilty as #PeterMalloryKrajian, #OKDHS, the caseworker and the judge. We see this all the time. This ugly little dealmaking concerning convictions.

What’s even more disturbing is the double standard for foster parents in Oklahoma and across the nation. Foster parents are given what is literally a free pass, as in Mallory Krajian’s criminal case, to not only abuse and terrorize children in their care....but to literally get away with murder.

If this case had come before the court with the biological parents being accused of abuse with a death of a child.....they would be charged with first degree murder immediately and NEVER allowed to make bond. Because Mallory and Peter Krajian were foster parents.....they couldn’t possibly have been guilty of the crimes of which they were accused and we’re allowed to bond out, and in Peter’s case plead to a lesser charge(with no prison time) and in Mallory’s case to walk away completely. Free to abuse and quite possibly kill again.

Foster parents get away with unspeakable crimes every single day in America.....by virtue of the fact that they are foster parents and for no other reason.

The #TulsaDistrictAttorney dropped the ball completely for little Andrew Prior.

The biggest irony in this entire case is that the two surviving children ended up with the great aunt. Where they should have been placed in the first place. Children belong with #FamilyOfOrigin.

Is #AndrewPrior just another statistic of the reign of horror of the #OklahomaDepartmentOfHumanServices? The list of dead foster children in Oklahoma is long. Lawsuits and the whitewash of #ThePinaclePlan cover the bodies of many dead Oklahoma foster children. Even one....is too many.

God bless you Andrew. This should not have happened to you.

If you would like to participate in achieving justice for Andrew Prior please contact the Tulsa county District Attorney's office at:


Tulsa County Courthouse
500 South Denver Avenue, Suite 900
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103

The DA is Steve Kunzweiler
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

First Assistant is Erik Grayless
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The new lead on child crimes is Julie Doss
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please also take the time to contact the Oklahoma Attorney General at:

Mike Hunter
313 NE 21st Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

Phone: (405) 521-3921

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Saturday, 01 December 2018 00:00
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