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Fostercare Survivors

Their stories are stories of survival in a #CorruptFamilyCourt system.

Stories of exploitation, abuse, lies and the outright sale into the sex trade and human trafficking.

Stephanie's Story is the perfect example of why children should be given a biological option placement at every possible opportunity.

Stephanie Moran, a former foster child, replied to a critic in a post I made earlier. She was answering a person who believes that biological family are given every opportunity to have their children returned to them.

We don't often hear from children who experienced foster care so I was grateful that she commented.

Stephanie's powerful words resonated across social media and became our most shared post to date.

The multiple now millions of #TAKEN children just like Stephanie are why we continue to fight for change in the #CorruptFamilyCourt system as it exists today. Stephanie's Story is powerful. She survived. At what cost though? To her and to her future generations.

We, at AmericasTakenChildren will continue to fight for each #TAKEN child and their #FamilyOfOrigin.

Tap the red button below to read Stephanie’s story and the stories of other Fostercare Survivors

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Monday, 03 March 2014 00:00
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