Erica’s #FOUND Dad

I met Erica and her husband Rick here on Facebook. They have #TAKEN children.

We have covered the bases. Photos in the #TAKEN album and profiles on the website.

We talk every so often. The fact that they are in Oklahoma also brought us closer.

I have come to find out that Erica’s story is not just that of a mother of #TAKEN children but also a story of a woman fighting for her life.

Erica is fighting kidney failure and is in dialysis. She is working hard to get to on a donor list.

Her husband has come to fix my truck. As with so many parents of #TAKEN children....I have come to know them fairly well. The hope, the fears......and for Erica that fear of not surviving long enough to see her children again looms in a big way.

I cannot even imagine the difficulty of carrying this double burden each and every day.

I was surprised by her request one day not too long ago(after all this time).....”Can you help me find my father?”.

I was at the hospital taking care of my friend when I saw her question. I sent the known information on her dad over to Houston Texas Search Angel Researcher and went back to tending my friend.

Later in the parking lot of the hospital...I checked my messages and Houston had found him.

I sent the information to Erica and she made contact right away. They have been on the phone constantly “catching up”.

This past week her dad traveled to Oklahoma and met her for the first time since she was an infant. Reestablishing a much needed relationship and answering life long questions.

Thank you again Houston Texas Search Angel Researcher for another wonderful #Found search.

I’d like to say that Organ donation is such an important decision for persons like Erica. If you have not checked the box on your license to be a donor.....please do so next time you get your license updated or consider being a live donor to someone in critical need.

Erica and Rick are planning to move closer to her father in the coming months. I wish them the best as she continues her #Found journey with her father.



Geri M Pfeiffer
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Saturday, 28 July 2018 00:00


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