Kathleen’s #Found Determination

The steadfast determination of this sister to find her sibling that was adopted away by Child Protective Services is outstanding.

Kathleen came to me searching for her little sister. This child was one of a set of twins....the brother died very young and the sister ended up in care and was eventually adopted out. One thing I learned very quickly about this family was their deep love for her. They never stopped loving her and searching for her.

When Kathleen shared her search with me, I quickly wrote up a post and asked that it be shared. Our followers came through big time and the post was shared all over the United States....hundreds of times.

I turned over all the information that Kathleen gave me to the Houston Texas Search Angel Researcher. She came back with the births on that day in that county and state and Kathleen and I set about a process of elimination and narrowed it down to four candidates. We did not know at the time that an out of state adoption had occurred and that none of our candidates were in fact her sister.

I gave Kathleen all the information I could find on sibling rights post adoption, non-identifying finding information, and my prayers. I was hopeful that the extensive coverage of her story might still produce leads....we kept looking.....but this #Found journey ran silent.

Then I get a message out of the blue: We found my sister!

The biological mother was digging through boxes and found a paper with the adopter’s names on it. She contacted Kathleen and Kathleen’s father. Of course they tracked her down immediately.

She had moved back to North Carolina after she turned 18 and was living 20 minutes away from her father unbeknownst to her or her dad. He immediately made arrangements to go see her and was in the process of that reunion when Kathleen sent me that message.

I was so happy to hear of this find. Kathleen was so thorough and so determined in her search....she left no lead unexamined....followed up on every clue to the last detail. Throughout our endless conversations she told me again and again, “I don’t want her to think we forgot about her, we love her and think of her every day”.

One troubling aspect of this journey is that Kathleen’s little sister had a rough go in the adopters home. This journey is far from over as this extended family gathers itself around this young woman to help her heal and give her the love they have stored up for her in her years away from them. They all have a lot of healing to do....but I have no doubt about this family’s love for this young woman.

Thank you Kathleen for allowing us to assist you on your #Found journey.

As always.....thank you Houston for your keen investigative skills.

You just never know what clue will be the right clue....it pays to investigate every single one!



Geri M Pfeiffer
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Tuesday, 21 August 2018 00:00


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