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Monica’s #Found Journey

This #Found story started years before the children were #TAKEN and adopted away.

It started in south #Texas in a close knit family where two cousins grew up as close to each other as sisters. Their familial bond would live well beyond the life span of one of the cousins into an endless search for the three children of that cousin.

I became a part of this #Found journey when Monica contacted me in 2017 with a request that we search for her cousins three children that were adopted out by Child Protective Services at the ages of 4, 3 and 2.

We searched but didn’t find them. Over a year later Monica came back to request a search for her own daughter.....again we found nothing. Another year went by and Monica came back to request another search on her daughter.....this time we found her but she’s still in school.

I asked Monica if there had been any progress on the 3 children of the cousin and she told me no. I again presented their information to the Houston Search Angel and this time she found them. They were together still. I let Monica know we had found them. She was so happy and thanked God for the blessing that had kept the children together.

Out of respect I sent the adoptive mom a message asking her how she would like to proceed. She told me to go away or she would file charges on me. The children are legal adults. While I understand her fear....I operate under the premise that every human being has the right to know who and where they came from.

After speaking at length with Monica.....we decided that she should attempt contact with one of the children. He did respond and met with Monica and his two younger half siblings.....the younger children of Monica’s cousin. You see....the love that Monica carried for her cousin was so great that when she passed.....Monica took her two youngest children to raise.....and then started the search for the older three children.

She searched for years. Monica had posted a photo of a notebook page with the children’s names and birthdates on it and that’s how I came to know Monica. Someone tagged me to that photo back in 2017 and I messaged Monica.

Gratefully the young man was receptive to meeting Monica and his siblings. They spent hours together.....with many tears over his mother’s death but also joy at meeting his little sisters and his mothers cousin.....who never gave up hope.....never faltered in her faith that someday.....somehow.....she would find her beloved cousins children and tell them about their mama.....that loved them so much.

There is much healing ahead for these three #TAKEN children and for their little sisters and their Aunt Monica. This will take some time and effort on everyone’s part. I am sure they will grow in love and family.

This wonderful #Found journey reaffirms EVERYTHING I believe about la familia. The family. Every adopted child has the right to know who and where they came from. They have the basic human right to know their biological, ethnic and religious heritage.

Thank you Monica, for allowing me to be part of your #Found journey.

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Monday, 25 March 2019 00:00
Geri M Pfeiffer