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Rumors that this website has been destroyed are untrue. This website is still intact, it is just moving to a new webhost at the end of February 2020.


AmericasTAKEN Overview

Treat me with dignity.

The word dignity is not in the vocabulary of child protective services in the United States.

 Parents are systematically alienated, humiliated, maligned, and marginalized by not only CPS but the family courts and the general public. Often the brunt  of a vindictive spouse trying to gain custody, or false allegations that are protected by privacy laws concerning minors....a parent accused of abuse will be subjected to the mental torture comparable to that of soldiers who have been prisoners of war. Anxiety, clinical depression, PTSD, and suicidal thoughts and action often follow the forced removal of a child.

 A corrupt and unfair Child Protective Services and corrupt family court process has wreaked havoc on the American family and destroyed thousands of lives across this nation, rocking the very foundations of the constitutionally protected family unit.

Thousands upon thousands of parents in this country must now cope with the loss of a living child.  Time stops the day the child was forcefully removed. the parent enters a limbo of the unknown. A silent period of waiting...hoping against hope that their child will find them someday.

When your child is #TAKEN, there is no closure. Not until you see, feel, touch and hug your child again — someday. Not until then is the nightmare over. Our hope is that this day will someday arrive for the parents who've had their child (or children) wrongfully #TAKEN by CPS. Many parents of #TAKEN children feel stripped of their dignity. Parents have no rights, no voice, no justice and no hope when their children are #TAKEN.

Parents all over America and the rest of the world have been the victim of:

  • Child Trafficking
  • Medical Kidnapping
  • Forced Adoption
  • Forced Removal
  • Foster Warehousing

The above offenses are just for starters. Thousands of stories here in the US alone should be sending shock waves through every city, in every state, all across the country.

In the age of the Internet, its now possible, as well as important, to pool our collective knowledge. Parents can come here to support each other, create a Treasure Chest for their #TAKEN child to one day discover and once again become hopeful that someday their wait will end. #TAKEN children can come here to search for their biological families.  Guests who visit the website may avail themselves of educational materials, links, and services listed under our Resources button.

It is our sincere hope that the battle for our nations children will be resolved in peaceful dialogue, with careful consideration by lawmakers and judges of the trauma inflicted on a #TAKEN child when he is stripped of every biological, ethnic, and religious connection.  

We maintain the belief that the biological bond is paramount to a healthy happy child.

In documented cases of abuse, where a parent is tried and convicted of a crime,we maintain the belief that CPS should intervene.

In cases of a child being truly orphaned, we maintain the belief that adoption should occur.

In the vast majority of CPS cases abuse is never substantiated according to constitutional due process and we, the biological families of #TAKEN children INSIST that this be addressed by lawmakers.

This website is dedicated to reuniting #TAKEN children with their biological families.

We use Profiles (just like Facebook) here at for both Parent and TAKEN Child pages. To learn more about How we use Profiles, click the "Next" link below.

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"Our mission is giving children #TAKENbyCPS and their biological families a forum to search for each other."