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How we use Accounts (Profiles)

Like Facebook, utilizes profiles to keep track of both our parent users and the child profiles they create.

Parents Create at least TWO accounts

  • ONE Parent account
  • One or more TAKEN Child account(s)

In order to separate Child account from Parent accounts there are a total of three different types of accounts.

  • Parent accounts - created by Parent
  • TAKEN Child accounts - created by Parent
  • Child accounts - created by Children

Children looking for their parents on this site will create a Child account for themselves and search for either their own information, (like the existence of a Parent created TAKEN Child account) or for their parents information.

In order to create a search database we need to be able to differentiate between parent accounts and child accounts. We wouldn't be able to do that if each parent only had one account. There is no off-the-shelf software that allows us to do what we're doing here. No site like this has ever been created before so we have to make due with the software available to us. It would be nice if we could afford a $75,000 per year full time programmer, but we can't. This is all being built by volunteers.

Using Accounts

While it may seem tedious and tiresome to create all of these accounts, in the end, you'll mainly just log into and use your Parent account.

When do I use my Parent Account?

You will be logged into your Parent account virtually all the Time.

For the most part, once you set up your TAKEN Child's profile, and send your Parent profile a friend connection request from it, you'll log out and conduct all your activities from your Parent account. You may want to update the Profile and Cover images from time to time, but the majority of the time you will remain logged into your parent account.

From your parent account you can

  • Post pictures of your TAKEN Child(ren)
  • Send Messages to your TAKEN Child(ren)
  • Create a group for the entire family


Posting Pictures

You can add photos of your child to his or her timeline by simply tagging them with their username while logged into your Parent profile.

To tag username haley.smith you would simply include @haley.smith in your photo description or photo title. Once you post the photo, the tag turns into the child's full name.

Like this: @Haley Hamilton Smith and shows up on his timeline automatically. This saves time because you only have to post from one place: Your Parent account.

Sending Personal Messages

You can send personal messages to your TAKEN Child(ren) from your Parent account. Sort of a Treasure Chest of your thoughts and emotions and well wishes that someday your child can see.

Family Groups

The next project on our plate is allowing you to make family groups. Once you create your group while logged into your parent account you can start a group and add your TAKEN Child(ren) to it.

When do I use my TAKEN Child Account(s)?

Once you create your Parent account, you will then create your TAKEN Child account(s). Once your TAKEN Child account(s) receive approval from the admins, you can log into it and double check your child's info. The name, adopted name (if known), the child's birth date and place of birth as well as a Profile (Portrait) and Canvas (Cover) photo for your child's account.

Before you log out of each TAKEN Child account you will want to send a Connection Request to your Parent account. After you have done this you will log out of your TAKEN Child account and log back into your Parent account. From there you can post photos to your timeline and tag your children with their username with an at sign "@" (as described above) as well as send private messages and be a part of family groups.

We use Gmail here at to keep things easier for our users as well as our admins. To learn more about that, click the "Next" link below.

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