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Constitutional rights are not recognized in family court. That's why the proceedings are closed. To cover the illegal activity of the court and everyone involved with it. Just remember everyone has their fingers in the federal adoption incentive pie including the judges, Child Protective Services, the related services industry that has sprung up around the corrupt family court and attorney's. Cloaked in privacy laws(to protect the child), the corrupt family court makes a mockery of every principle this country was founded on.

This recently released video from Arizona shows judges taking a seminar in order to more effectively "capture" title IV and federal adoption incentive funding. Now billions, in funding. How can a judge even pretend to convey justice when capturing funding is so important, he took a seminar to learn how?

CPS has created a STRONG lobby in Washington to get bills passed to strengthen their vice grip on the American poor. Children of "unacceptable" families are systematically removed. Deleting those parents eligibility for services, giving these children a "better" life, CPS and the courts are systematically violating the constitutional right of poor people to be poor, to have family, and to protect that family. That's why there is no due process in family court.

Naysayers are fond of saying the constitution does not provide for family court, that it only applies in criminal matters. I say that is not true. Our founding fathers provided a document to provide for the rights of ALL citizens. The family courts interpretation of our civil rights have been twisted and denigrated almost to the point of being completely ineffective. It is going to take unity and an assault on the legislative process that allows those violations of our constitutional rights.

Ever notice how they blindly ignore your demands? That old trick of ignore it and it will go away has worked for years but no more. Our time is now! We are uniting and we must pressure lawmakers, protest, and ACTIVELY RESIST the family courts. It starts right there with that service plan. Do not sign it. It is a legal document. You are signing your children away. I'm not saying don't do the services but they don't need your signature ON ANYTHING to provide you services!

The next thing is to email, write and call state and federal lawmakers and pound on them every week, if not every day. Tell them you will not vote for them. Campaign against corrupt judges and get them removed from the bench. Appear in public places where lawmakers are such as a town hall meeting and make them address the issues of forced removal, forced adoption, foster warehousing, and medical kidnapping. Do not let them pass you off to state lawmakers and do not let state lawmakers dumb down until you go away! Interrogate them!

Make signs, get your car window lettered, write on money, call news stations on talk shows, get on twitter and pound lawmakers twitter pages, everyone of them has a twitter account, email and call them(you will probably get an assistant but leave your message) and absolutely find FB pages of lawmakers, other elected officials and pages like CASA, family builders, court pages, adoption sites, foster care pages and judges and raise awareness of our issues!

You have a first amendment right to free speech and you must exercise it! You have a right to many things that no attorney, judge, CASA, or caseworker will ever tell you about. Learn the Bill of Rights! Read the Constitution. They have both been perverted by juris prudence in this country and WE THE PEOPLE must take those rights back! WE MUST GO TO THE STREETS IN MASS! We must stand on our constitutional privilege to protect our home and family. We must join together to fight this battle. The future of our #TAKEN children depend on the actions we take to rectify the wrongs of the corrupt family court.

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Sunday, 03 April 2016 00:00
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