DNA Testing

In tandem with a DNA Testing Adviser, we at ‪AmericasTakenChilden‬ are very proud to share the following link for parents of #TAKEN children. While we will continue to fight for a just family court process, changes in federal laws concerning the federal adoption incentive and of course continue to work with parents one on one to fight for their #TAKEN children, we are very aware of parents in agony after exhausting every legal option.

This DNA test, will assist those parents to have hope for reunification outside the jurisdiction of family courts or bureaucratic adoption agencies. Record numbers of children will age out of their adoptive homes and search for their birth families in the future. A DNA test and the data bank will greatly assist the children's efforts to find you.

We are very proud to introduce this service for biological families of #TAKEN children. We are asking advocates, activists, and supporters of #TAKEN to share this post EVERYWHERE, to reach biological families and parents of #TAKEN children, who may think they have no more options.



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Friday, 17 June 2016 00:00
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America’s Taken

"Our mission is giving children #TAKENbyCPS and their biological families a forum to search for each other."