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Finding Our #TAKEN

If you know of a child adopted after 1997 please share our website information with them. It is very possible that the true nature of their confiscation and adoption has been kept from them.

We, at America's Taken Children maintain the belief that every adopted child has the right to their birth documents.

The adoption industry in the United States has used lies, deceit, the adoption incentive laws, and the adoption incentive funding to propagate a false impression of why these children were funneled into the adoption market.

An industry based in money and deception, to serve a market of childless families, career adopters, pedophiles, and lawmakers who's original intention to process long term foster children, has all backfired into a nightmare called #Kids4Cash.

We must reach these children, in every way possible to let them know that they may have biological family searching for them. While we agree that there are abused children in need of services, we believe these children are often handed back to abusers in favor of harvesting more "adoptable" children. Parents are losing their children forever based on the anonymous call of a vindictive family member, a mandated reporter, marijuana use, the "looks" of a child, a child's "adoptability", and this must change.

The very foundation of this country, the American family, is in peril because of the indoctrination that has occurred that it is perfectly alright to erase a young American citizens ethnic, biological, and religious heritage. I hardly need to remind you that the foundation of this country was based in the human desire for those very rights.

We must defend the right of every American citizen to know their origins and identity. Open adoption records, a fair family court process, open adoptions, truth in legal documents, and open family courtrooms are just a few of the changes that we need.

We must make a stand on a daily basis to fight for these rights. We must contact U.S. Congressmen, protest where we are, demand change, raise our voices in unison, raise awareness among parents beginning the corrupt family court process, reach #TAKEN children, and educate young parents in ways to fend off over zealous caseworkers interested in the financial incentives.

There are many ways to "protest in place" EVERYDAY! Get tshirts, write on money, distribute awareness pamphlets, contact lawmakers, use social media, open your mouth and give relevant, verified information to anyone that will listen.

We have cowered in darkness long enough. The disgusting practices of forced adoption are in the national attention. It is our job to keep it there.,/p>

The questions that these children have and the issues they face are patently ignored by the adoption industry as a whole. the image of healthy smiling children is a false one. The trauma inflicted on a child by completely severing a child's biological family in favor of funding is well documented by doctors and psychologists, if only those professionals (who also receive funding) would tell the truth.

Not every #TAKEN child was abused. Not every parent of a #TAKEN child is an abuser. The manipulation of facts in family court in front of a judge (also interested in funding) needs to change. This parody of "justice" laughs in the face of every American institution and value. Yet it goes on day after day, year after year.

A vital part of advocacy has not been given enough attention. Reaching the victims of forced adoption, our #TAKEN children needs to be a priority in our various advocacy efforts. These #TAKEN children are the future of our country. They have been lied to, sold, abused and killed while "in services". They deserve the truth.

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Wednesday, 07 September 2016 00:00
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Last modified on Saturday, 02 December 2017 05:01
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