The Biological Bond

And in the dew of little things....the heart finds its morning....and is refreshed. Khalil Gibran

I received more evidence and good news today of the truth in the biological bond and a #TAKEN child's efforts to reconnect with #FamilyOfOrigin.

One of our parents has received a message and established contact with children thought to be lost forever.

Forever is no longer acceptable to the #TAKEN child.

The truth is that we are going to reunite or illegal....we do not care.....court order for termination be damned.

We will not wait. Neither will our children.

If lawmakers don't want to acknowledge the crisis in Child Protection by ignoring our demands for justice, if family court judges continue to barter children for federal dollars, if caseworkers continue to purger themselves to "mold" the outcome of a case......then we are going to go behind their backs, become cyber experts at locating our children....and making contact.

We will not accept the death sentence of life without our children ANYMORE.

I have to say I see these types of reunions more and more as time goes on. I choose to remain silent about the vast majority of the reunions I am seeing simply because of the legal status of the child.

I do not want to get a child or their #FamilyOfOrigin OR their foster/adopters in trouble. What I am seeing is foster/adopters realizing that the biological bond cannot be severed. They accept the fact that these children will not accept the forced alienation and assimilation that has been forced upon them by a corrupt family court judge and an agency only interested in maximization of federal dollars.

These foster adopters are covertly making arrangements with family members....or simply allowing contact on social media. They are exhausted by the mass amount of issues from a child who stubbornly refuses to be assimilated. Especially when a child does a 360 in behavior by simply being able to communicate with a much love family member.

You cannot continue to rip our children to shreds in your court and foster care and then expect them to be a model foster child.

I have watched this parent go to the depths of hell, fight for sobriety and keep it.....all the while asking God for some kind of contact. And it happened. Just like that.

It may not be a perfect reunion. There may be issues ahead. But for parent and child have the blessed comfort of a love that could not be destroyed.

It's these little victories that come in my quiet time....that satisfy my soul. The victory of a contact. The righting of a wrong that I carry very close to my heart.

The joy in a parents eyes or message as they share their precious secret with me.....knowing that I too will take the greatest of care with this hushed I have with everything they have shared with me.

Whether it is a piece of information that I gave them that helped them, a precious thank you Geri or a photo of a smiling face.....I too smile and my heart sings Alleluah.

We will continue on....until every #TAKEN child is found. One way....or another.

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Friday, 20 October 2017 00:00
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