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Using #Hashtags is critical to your posts, raising awareness of the corrupt family courts, forced removal, Foster warehousing, medical kidnapping, forced adoption, and CPS issues. Most importantly, it is a critical way to leave a cyber trail for your #TAKEN child to follow on his path back to you.

Arizona activist, Lawrence Espinoza, recently reminded me of the importance of not only using the hashtags of our issues;









and specific case hashtags;




By posting photos of your #TAKEN child, with a hashtag and their name you create an Internet paper trail for your #TAKEN child to follow: BACK TO YOU!

It is also critical to use the hashtags of the enemy on our posts.

Hashtags unite us in a unique way. Go to your search bar and type in #TAKEN. You can scroll endlessly and see every post that anyone has used that hashtag on! Go to Twitter and do the same thing!(please retweet while you are there). Go to the Internet and Google #TAKEN, #AmericasTakenChildren, or #OpExposeCPS and you will see what I'm talking about. Be sure and tap "image search" on that Google search! We are famous!!!!

The same goes for the hashtags of fostering, adoption agencies, DHS agencies, Foster to adopt, together we rise, and other hashtags that might be used to promote Foster warehousing and forced adoption. When someone searches a #hashtag for #FOSTERCARE, if you have put that hashtag on one of your posts, that post will pop up in the search. It gives our cause an audience outside of our circle.

That is what our movement must do: raise awareness among the American people who are unaware of forced adoption, medical kidnapping, forced removal, and foster warehousing. We must build a good foundation of awareness in order to gain the masses for active protest in the street.

We will eventually go to the street in massive protests of these constitutional violations to the family.

If you will notice on the photo of this article, 100,000 people are talking about #TAKEN. That's pretty good coverage for a year. We have reached record levels of awareness in the last year. The American people are realizing the atrocities of the corrupt family courts. It is our job now to increase that awareness even more. Go to unconventional places such as media, lawmakers,district court, and political candidates Facebook pages, post your message's and use that hash tag.

Hashtags are the "tie that binds" us together. USE THAT HASHTAG!


Geri M Pfeiffer
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Friday, 20 April 2018 00:00
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America’s Taken

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