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Every once in a while I get a message from a family member of a #TAKEN child.

These private messages are manna from heaven to me. They are what keeps me going.

One of my earliest and strongest beliefs is that the biological bond cannot be broken. That no matter what Child Protective Services and the corrupt family courts do to alienate and assimilate....this bond cannot be destroyed.

The following message came to me a few weeks ago. I have treasured these words in my heart and rejoiced with this grandmother....a woman I met early in my advocacy. I know first hand the grief she and her daughter have lived through over the loss of three precious children:

The most amazing thing happened last night. ****’* daughter *********, the one that was #taken, messaged my middle daughter and said this is ****’* daughter *********, are you my aunt? *** called me crying and told me that ********* had found us.

I messaged back and forth with my granddaughter for a while last night as did several other family members. Mom talked to her for a long time this morning. ********* is only 12 and we are keeping everything very quiet in order to try and keep the adopted parents in the dark. ********* was thrilled to know that we still remembered and love her and her brothers.

She refers to herself as a #TAKEN child and considers her adopted family as her foster family. She told me they call her ******, but her name is *********.

We all reassured her that we will always love her and her brothers and that we will be waiting for them and to keep that in her heart in case she can't talk to us anymore. I am sorry for rattling on, we are just so blessed that she found us and remembers and loves us still.

She has a very poor opinion of CPS and rightly so. She is 12 now and said as soon as she is 18 she is coming home. We think she must have seen your website to know she is a #taken child.

God bless you for all you do, for all the abuse you put up with, for all the endless hours you put in.

To protect *********, none of us are posting anything about her on Facebook, we know the minute the adopted parents find out she is talking to us that they will stop her from contacting us again. But we wanted you to know because you have always been so supportive of us and to let you know that kids are finding out about being taken and giving them the course to reach out.

God bless you Geri!

My reason for sharing this message on Christmas Day is simple. I want the #FamilyOfOrigin to know how important it is to never give up.

Termination of parental rights and forced removal of your children is not a life sentence any longer. Not only are we finding #TAKEN children with regularity.....they are now finding us!

Clues left in cyberspace by family members, endlessly hash tagging your child’s birth name AND our website with a search database.....are beginning to have the desired results.

While it has taken some time, we are seeing reunification’s at multiple levels. Not only #TAKEN children but now also adoptees of every age, the lost, the disappeared....for whatever reason.

Yes....#TAKEN children are not waiting to be #FOUND......they are searching for #FamilyOfOrigin as young as eleven years old. The second they obtain social media....the search is on.

When Mark designed our website.....we had no idea the database would develop and grow like it has. His implementation of my vision has addressed the issues of AmericasTakenChildren on every level we could conceive of at the time and has allowed us a flexible platform to develop ways to search, educate parents and most importantly....given us a voice. One voice.

We are definitely under way on my personal goal of changing the face of adoption forever.

This message is just one of many I keep in my heart. The work I do has many secrets. Precious secrets from family that must rejoice quietly because of the disgusting way foster care and adoption are conducted in America today.

Today I share a victory. I promise you....there are many more to come.


Geri M Pfeiffer
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Tuesday, 25 December 2018 00:00
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