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Forced Alienation

The very moment your child was #TAKEN into cps custody a premeditated plan of forced alienation from biological family was set in motion. THE primary goal of cps is federal funding by placing your child in FORCED ADOPTION.

At the point of pick up your child is evaluated as to his or her potential monetary value to the state. The caseworker tells you if just sign the paper, you will receive regular visits with reunification as the goal. Let me assure you that statement is an outright lie. Judges, CASAS and caseworkers take classes and seminars to learn how to better effectively "capture" title IV Funding and monies available thru the federal adoption incentive.

Part of the "training" caseworkers receive are ways of manipulation,isolation, and control very similar to the methods predators use to control their victims.The goal of forced alienation is so the child will comes along in a docile fashion to the "foster home" and attach to the new "foster parents"(quite often the foster parents are actually prospective adoptive parents shopping for their new family).

Removing memories of you starts on day 1. A child asks the caseworker, "where are my parents". That question is met with a shrug of the shoulders and (as in my grandsons case) an "I don't know Jake, she must not care".

Visits will come farther apart. Cancellation's for ridiculous reasons like "I had a death in my family"(so you will feel bad) and " I am so overburdened with my caseload" are common excuses across the country. These excuses are just part of a pre planned and well orchestrated effort to remove you from your child's life as he is prepared for forced adoption.

This gives cps time to shuffle your child thru a series of foster homes, further traumatizing them. Cps then uses the excuse that they are traumatized to medicate them. This makes them pliable to forced adoption. Once medicated cps also files for SSI and drains the Childs social security account.

At about a year out, cps then starts termination proceedings, so that when the 18 month marker hits (the time frame of the federal adoption incentive), cps can terminate your rights, with a corrupt judge's blessing and signature, and your child can go on the adoption block, to be bartered away from biological family. Your child will be paraded across adoption websites, his or her "qualities" will be touted to the bidders. And someone shopping for a child will choose your child, get a check for completing the adoption process, and get fantastic tax credits for years to come. The agency that adopted your child out will also receive more federal adoption incentive monies for adopting your child to strangers, than for adopting your child to biological family such as a grandparent, aunt, or uncle. Federal law demands biological placement be given first priority. This same law pays a higher rate for placement with strangers.

You must fight for every visit. That service plan is a court order. DHS/cps must also comply with the court order. Before you leave the first court appearance make sure you have a written schedule of visitation as part of the service plan. Then if the caseworker does not give you a visit, have your attorney file a contempt motion against the caseworker and the agency.

When you are visiting your child make sure that you are giving the child important clues to his life. Make a game of telling him your first name, a pets name, a favorite relative, toy or church. If your child is adopted to strangers, these small clues may help your child find you someday.

The caseworker will tell you you cannot talk to the child about the case, take photos, or videos.

The caseworker will try to get your legal documents such as the birth certificate, social security card, and medical records. DO NOT TURN THESE DOCUMENTS OVER TO ANYONE, EVER. When you do give up these documents, you are effectively helping cps erase the paper trail of your child.

Resist the forced alienation of your #TAKEN child in every way possible.

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