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The Battle

Your children have been placed in the custody of the court by a child welfare worker. You have appeared in court and been given an Individualized service plan(ISP). Now what? In this article I will give you my opinion, and experiences with the ISP, as well as other tips and advice in your battle to bring your children home. It is very important for you to understand you are fighting a corrupt family court process, and a very powerful government agency that needs your children in custody for their very own job security. The mission statement of CPS/DHS is to protect children. I assure you there is nothing farther from the truth! The warm body of your child has a dollar value to the judge, caseworker, CASA, Guardian Ad Litem, and yes even your court appointed attorney!

Get a notebook, document every detail of this process. start with the confiscation of your children, and log each event as it occurs, DAILY. This journal will be your most valuable tool in the courtroom. Make sure you write down every conversation, visit, lie, deception, interaction, times, and comments. Memory fades, the written word does not. Take a few minutes immediately after a visit or phone call to write down your thoughts.

When communicating with the caseworker use text. You can get these texts printed out and use them in testimony.

Limit your interaction with the caseworker. That person is not your friend. They can and will use anything and everything you say against you. They are master manipulators and have daily experience in twisting your words to make you look like the worst parent that ever lived. Don't let your guard down with these child traffickers for one second.

Close your Facebook settings and go thru your friends list. Delete every single person you do not know personally. Be very careful about what you post on Facebook and do not discuss your case on social media. Contact me in private message. I will be happy to answer your questions.

DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING! EVER! DHS/CPS and the corrupt family court can do their dirty work without your signature. Your signature engages funding. Your signature is an admission of guilt to the allegations against you.

Be diligent about your visit with your child. the caseworker will cancel, reschedule, and shorten visits. When this happens make your attorney file a contempt charge on the caseworker, and write the judge a short, to the point letter. CPS/DHS is also under legal obligation to uphold the ISP. The ISP is a court order. Make sure you complete your requirements as quickly as possible. What the court nor the caseworker will tell you is you are under a time constraint to complete services or your rights will be terminated. The length of time is generally 18 months.

Take a photo of your child at each visit. Make a game of it by letting the child also take a picture of you. You are documenting the appearance of your child. clothes that don't fit, no coat in bad weather, scratches, bruises, should be photographed and noted in your journal. Caseworkers often try to forbid photos, so it is important to make it seem casual.

You may be required to take a psyche evaluation by a doctor of CPS/DHS's choice. Ask the judge for a voucher to help with the expense. Just remember in order for the doctor to get payment, he must give a diagnosis. Quite often the diagnosis is a narcissistic personality disorder and counseling is recommended. In order to get the voucher, you must use their doctor. Generally CPS/DHS will only accept a diagnosis from the doctor of their choice. YES its a corrupt process but you can get a second psyche evaluation from another doctor and refute the findings of the first doctor in court. Call the department of mental health to find reduced cost or free psyche evaluations.

Find a family counselor and get counseling for the trauma,turmoil, depression, grief, and guilt you are going through. It will help you immeasurably. It also shows the judge that you are willing to take steps to improve yourself and the life of your family. Again check with the department of mental health for a good counseling service. You may find income based services here also.

Do not take the caseworkers word as the last word on your case. The judge is the person you should listen to.

Do not miss scheduled visits. They generally take place in the CPS office. Bring toys and food and try to make the visit as pleasant as possible for your children. NEVER discuss your case status with the caseworker in front of your children. The caseworker will use it in court against you.

If your case is drug related, I strongly encourage you to complete the required drug tests, treatment, and drug related counseling immediately. I also recommend regular attendance at AA nor NA meetings. Be sure and get an attendance signature from the person chairing the meeting. Regular attendance at AA or NA shows the judge you are serious about your family. If you think you can run game on the judge or caseworker about your drug use, I assure you, you are mistaken. The hair follicle test will tell the tale in short order. Don't lie to a judge, nothing pisses a judge off more than being lied to. THE DOPE LIFE IS NO LIFE so take that first step in recovery and get to a meeting. There is an AA or NA meeting every hour of every day, somewhere in the United States.

Parenting classes are required. Just do it and get it over with. I found them redundant and boring. Just be careful about signing any documents. In the class I took they asked for an admission of what you did wrong to get your kids #TAKEN. Signed by YOU. I took it to be an admission of guilt. So be careful.

DHS/cps and the corrupt family court order the above services to be done by biased doctors and counsellors of their choosing to ensure the outcome or diagnosis that will keep your children in custody. Make sure you get a second counselor, psych eval, and drug tests from an agency or Doctor of your choosing. That way you can refute the findings of their doctor in court.

Remember DHS/cps and the corrupt family court will permanently remove your child if they can get away with it. It is up to you to educate yourself and fight this like the war that it is.

I hope this article gives you insight into what you face. I will be happy to answer questions at any time about forced removal, foster warehousing, medical kidnapping, and forced adoption. I encourage you to find a good support group, and most importantly to realize you are not alone. An out of control state agency now has 1/2 million children in custody, with over 10,000 forced adoptions EVERY YEAR. The constant need for more warm bodies of children to fuel the funding will continue to grow unless we parents makes a stand and fight! The federal adoption incentive states that in order to remain eligible for the funding DHS/cps must increase the number of adoptions over the previous calendar year or loose ALL the funding for the current calendar year.

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