AmericasTAKEN Website Not “Destroyed”

Rumors that this website has been destroyed are untrue. This website is still intact, it is just moving to a new webhost at the end of February 2020.

#Found came into existence because of the confiscation of #JakeDenzilCumpian by the Department of Human Services in the #Corrupt Family Court of #LouisADuel on Oct 31st 2013. In my research I came to realize there was something very wrong happening in family courtrooms in America. I began connecting with other activists, advocates and families to raise awareness and lobby for a fair family court process. We have been ignored by lawmakers.

While enduring the corrupt family court process I realized that Constitutional Due Process was ignored in the family courts of America. As I researched I found thousands of other families also fighting for their children. Being a Constitutionalist and a life long believer in truth and justice for all....I was determined to make a change by teaching parents how to fight for their #TAKEN children. I wrote a series of articles that you can find under the "Resources" Icon on this website.

Jake was adopted by adopters posing as foster parents.....Jake became their choice as "the perfect fit" for their family. Their choice destroyed my family and my life. First time foster parents and first time became very clear to me that this childless woman and man would do and say anything in the courtroom to attain their goal. As a counselor Stephanie was well versed in exactly what to say to influence Louis A. Duel's decision to give Jake to them. Only much later would I come to realize that Judge Duel regularly funneled little white children into the adoption market in Oklahoma county. This foster care to forced adoption pipeline is common in every county in America now as states battle for #FederalAdoptionIncentives. The barter of children like Jake....under the auspices of "finding a good home for an abused child" is now regarded as the largest operating #PonziScheme the world has ever known.

Jake not only lost loving family.....he like now millions of other American children has lost their ethnic, cultural, biological and religious heritage. Jake is a baptized Catholic....a fact that Oklahoma DHS and his adopters ignore.

The tragedy of my loss and grief almost killed me.

I became determined to create a way for Jake to find his way back to us. My faith in Christ demands that I assist others in their grief and loss of a living child. I wanted to make a platform for #TAKEN children and their #FamiliesOfOrigin to search for each other. Webmaster and dear friend Mark Mumma(The Web Guy) was able to make that happen with his vast life skill as a website designer. We address every aspect of the corrupt family courts, the loss of a living child, grief, survival, activism and advocacy while at the same time hunting for #TAKEN children and their #FamilyOfOrigin.

We believe that every child, whether adopted, in foster care, #TAKEN by a family court judge and child protection agencies or parental alienation has the God given right to know where and who they came from. We advocate for #OpenAdoptionRecords and a clear and legal pathway for every citizen of America and the world to know their heritage.

U.S. Congressmen choose to ignore our cries for justice. Again I say to you Mr. Lawmaker, "Hear us now. Give us a fair family court process and Open Adoption Records. It is our basic human right. Hear us now....or hear us in Anarchy. The choice is yours."

Until change comes and a fair and a just family court process is in place....we at AmericasTakenChildren will continue to agitate, raise awareness and unite #TAKEN children with their #FamilyOfOrigin. You can read the stories of Reunification under our #FOUND icon.

As we have worked on our database, which originally targeted children #TAKEN and adopted after 1997(the year Federal Adoption Incentives were enacted)....and word has gotten out about our mission...we have expanded our searches to include any adopted child and children born before 1997 and we included ALL adoptee's.....not just #TAKEN children.

The stories of their journey are breathtaking. Emotional for them as well as the Search Angels, Private Investigator's, Searcher's, our followers and the general public. We have decided to share their stories here on AmericasTakenChildren. You will find those stories under the #Found Icon.

Each #FOUND reunification has its own exciting story. Some families have searched for years for a child given up for adoption or #TAKEN by #ChildProtectiveServices. One thing that remains consistent is the love and determination of the biological bond. We see children go to great lengths to find their family. We see #FamilyOfOrigin commonly wait for decades to hear from a #TAKEN or adopted child. The biological bond cannot be severed by a court order, space, time, forced removal, fear or greed. We will facilitate those reunions and continue to hunt for #TAKEN matter what the cost. We hope you, our followers will support our cause and our work.

The best day is the day a messages comes with a "I cannot thank you enough for finding my family. Those words are a fulfillment of my dream and mission. A #Found story gives other #FamiliyOfOrigin hope. They have become our most shared stories.

We believe every person should have the basic human right of knowing their biological, ethnic, genetic and religious heritage without interference from the court, adoption agencies or the adopter's.....without exception. We will continue to fight for that most basic human right by continuing to hunt for and reunite #TAKEN children and their #FamilyOfOrigin.



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