The Court of Louis A Duel(1)

This article could be about any family court judge, in any county, in the United States but this judge's courtroom happens to be the place where my grandson Jake, was bartered into the forced adoption market with this judge's full knowledge and authority, and with the premeditated assistance of caseworker Holly Masters Litton and after she was removed from the case caseworker Michelle Burdick, CASA Nicole Hall, and permanency planning supervisor Lelyn Hall.

The systematic permanent removal of little white children in Judge Duel's courtroom is an issue that results in 40 percent of those children never seeing their biological families again. Based on my case documentation and working with parents of children #TAKEN in Judge Duel's court, I personally believe the total is actually much higher. in my opinion asking DHS for the true numbers of children bartered into forced adoption and foster warehousing is kind of like asking a bank robber how much money he got in the heist.

Is the court biased? I say the court chooses to terminate parents rights not on the basis of the best interest of the child but on their value in Federal Adoption Incentives Funding. The adoption marked demand is for little white children with blond hair and blue eyes, to "fit" the prospective adoptive parents desires for a perfect fit for the family they are building.

After a child is #TAKEN, a parent receives notice from the caseworker of a court date for an adjudication hearing. That hearing is supposed to be about the judge reviewing the "facts" and deciding if a child is truly "deprived". Unfortunately he relies only on the initial report of the caseworker to make that determination. While this is happening the caseworker has already been telling the parent, "If you just sign for services, you will get your children back". Nothing could be further from the truth. Signing the service plan does two things: 1; it is viewed by the court as an admission of guilt on your part and 2; your signature on the service plan, parenting class report, and psych eval engages funding for the dhs agency and so the parenting class and shrink can get paid. You are in effect signing your children over to the state agency whose primary goal is to keep your child in custody as long as possible and eventually place that child in the forced adoption process.

I believe the service plan is issued to keep parents busy while their child is alienated from biological family and prepared for the forced adoption market. The service plans appear to be the same no matter where in the United States your children were #TAKEN. Parenting classes, a pshycological evaluation, possible domestic violence classes, counseling, a visit a month, drug testing, and reporting in to the caseworker once a month. What the judge does not tell you is that caseworker and casa will take every statement you make, every evaluation you complete, and ALL information you volunteer to them, and turn you into the worst parent that ever walked the earth, in the quarterly report that they will be giving to the judge from now on. Comments in the report like;"Mrs. Pfeiffer has never used the google phone number to call her grandson" and "Mrs Pfeiffer has insisted on her full hour of visitation..." What caseworker Masters-Litton and CASA Nicole Hall neglected to put in their reports is the undeniable facts that caseworker Masters-Litton did nor give me the phone number for many months after the judge ordered the calls take place, and CASA NIcole Hall did not come to my home, meet me, or my sons home to meet him and do a home visit before she issued her report recommending that Jake stay in custody. Also It became necessary to insist on my full hour of visitation after repeated cancellations, schedule changes, location changes, and cutting visits short on the part of Masters-Litton. When a parent waits 30 days or more for a measly hour in a dirty DHS visiting room, it becomes incredibly important to get the full 60 minutes. How can a CASA make a determination as to placement based only on reading a caseworker's report? More importantly how can a district court judge rely so heavily on a CASA's report without hearing any facts or evidence from the family or the family's attorney?

Well let me tell you. Family court judges operate outside of constitutional due process by hiding behind privacy laws. They can, and Judge Duel did, threaten me with jail time if I spoke of the case outside the courtroom. Mind you, he terminated my rights in that very hearing, thereby ending my obligation to silence which brings into question the constitutional right to free speech, which is often and heartily ignored by judges as they issue gag orders in family court cases). If I am no longer deemed an interested party by the judge, why should I be silent? And yet in the termination jury trial of my son, the attorney for the child, Lisa Elder, repeatedly referred to my advocacy, articles, comments, and activism as THE reason my son's rights were being terminated. At my sons TPR I had not been a party to the case for nearly a year. These are just a few of the lowball tactics employed in the family court of Judge Louis A Duel, and regularly used in family courts across the United States. Snide comments, inappropriate remarks, personal opinion, and innuendo become "fact" because it appears in a report from a caseworker and CASA.

Judges effectively silence the parents in this corrupt process by appointing an attorney, who is also aware of the corrupt nature of these proceedings, and more often than not just stands there, as their client is shredded to pieces by a vindictive caseworker who's primary interest in this is job security. If there is a worst person in the corrupt family court process it is the permanency planning supervisor, in my case Leland Hall, who is very aware of the dhs quest for title IV funding and the funds available to states thru the federal adoption incentives. Children in custody have a dollar value to the state they reside in.

Even tho the CASA is a "volunteer", the entire CASA program is a federally funded program, AND CASA's often play the dual role of guardian ad lidem, a role for which they do receive a rather high fee(generally paid by the parent). CASA administrators and program organizers are paid well for their services, out of, you guessed it, federal funding.

Children who are "adoptable" are stripped of their biological, religious, and ethnic bonds by judges who ignore the fact that federal law and Child Welfare Bureau guidelines demand biological option as first consideration if a parent is found unfit, a fact that family court judges, caseworkers, CASA's and especially permanency planning supervisors choose to ignore in favor of stranger placement. By the way stranger placement garners a higher pay scale.

What can you, the parent of a #TAKEN child do? I will address options and ways to fight in part 2 of this article(coming soon)
Geri M Pfeiffer
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