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Fear of Family Court

After a lot of thought, I have come to the place where I think advocates, parents and people in this movement need to put forth efforts to assist parents in the beginning stages of the corrupt family court process. It became crystal clear to me that a parent's fear of retaliation from the caseworker, mistrust of the service plan, anger at being told do this and you'll get your kids back(and it not happening) and all the other idiocies of the corrupt family court process that we as advocates must address ways to more effectively assist these parents.

At the Logan County Courthouse yesterday I picked up on those same vibes from parents. When I asked, "Are you here for family court?" many parents could barely get a "yes" out and many told me "no" which I know is not true. If you are in the Logan County courthouse at 8:00 am on a Wednesday it's because your kids were #TAKEN. Period!

The intimidation that is standard operating procedure for child protective services must be attacked! By us! I am calling on advocates, parents who are well past the case plan process, protesters, and people with a serious lack of fear to get on the stick and get to courthouses to hand out flyers, talk to parents, educate them to what few options they do have and teach them to fight for their children.

We are not teaching the parents in most critical need how to fight the corrupt family court system. We must do this more often and more effectively. I am reworking a link for pamphlets. Even after all our work, parents are still sitting outside of family court rooms in bewilderment, shock, anger, and terror. There are many areas of this movement, many levels that need to be addressed. There are many dedicated advocates working earnestly everyday in their areas of expertise. Each one critically important to our cause. Each one sincerely appreciated by me and thousands of parents across the country. I sincerely believe no one advocate can address every issue we face, so it a wonderful blessing that we have advocates on so many levels.

I try to go where I'm needed and at this time I feel that parents of #TAKEN children who are beginning the corrupt family court process are in dire need of support and for the time being that's what I will be working on along with helping parents one on one, and the #TAKEN project.

I have created a link for pamphlets. You can download them from the link directly to your printer or I will mail pamphlets to anyone who does not have access a printer or is computer challenged, like myself.

TAKEN Pamphlets

I want you to think back to the time when your children were #TAKEN, the emotions and fear you experienced, and make the effort to reach out to parents starting this nightmare. You can do this simply by finding out which day of the week is family court day in your county and showing up for a few minutes each week to talk with parents and hand out a few flyers. Keep flyers with you to leave in "good" locations throughout your day. This effort does not have to be an event. In fact I prefer that you approach parents quietly with a simple, "Are you in family court today for your #TAKEN children?" if they say "yes" hand them a flyer and say, "I have some information for you". Many parents will be afraid to talk but will take the pamphlet and find us online. We can all do this!

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 00:00
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