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Where Are We Headed?

I actually received a response from Humans of Foster Care, on my article, JAKE'S ROOM. It was a good thing to interact with "the opposition". I firmly believe that we, as activists, must peacefully engage and educate the "other side".

Without meaningful interaction I am afraid that our cause may devolve into acts of violence.

I see many things in my advocacy. Once of the things I am seeing is a refusal on the part of our government to recognize our demands for the halt of the forced removal, foster warehousing, medical kidnapping, and forced adoption of America's #TAKEN children. Lawmakers, media, and the public at large refuse to acknowledge the fact that we are "on to their game".

I am regularly called crazy, a lunatic, delusional, and mentally ill by commenters when I post. I have also been told these same things by a judge, professionals and a lawmaker as they strive to keep the institution of forced removal intact for their own financial benefit. I find it ironic that thousands upon thousands of families of #TAKEN children feel and have experienced the very same thing that I have. Are we all crazy, lunatics, delusional, and mentally ill at the same time?

I am sure all other advocates in our cause, and many of you have experienced the same thing. I want to encourage activists and advocates to not be deterred from our mission to end these crimes against the American family. Go to places in social media, outside the parameters of our groups to share information about our cause. We MUST reach and educate the masses. We need every parent, activist and advocate to participate in the dispersal of the knowledge we have gained, to people and organizations outside of our cause. We are running in circles by endlessly sharing information with each other.

I see a people on the edge. My people. Our people. The American people. Parents of #TAKEN children. We have been backed into a corner of intimidation, silence, and reprisal if we do not comply. I see a people who are readying themselves for an epic battle. The battle for our constitutional right to freedoms of choice, family, a fair judicial system, privacy, and an I corrupt government. We have not been mindful and diligent in the assertion of those rights. That is over. We must now prepare for an epic battle for those our constitutional rights as American citizens. We will NOT stand down. We will be silent NO longer!!

I call on each one of you to do your part. Wether it is active protest, distributing awareness materials, emails, tweets, or posts on social media, each of us MUST participate, EVERY DAY, at every opportunity. Raise your voice in unison with each other.

We are now a movement, a cause. A movement that will enter history books in the same manner as voting rights, civil rights, and the American Revolution. As with all causes in American history, and human history, it takes time to gain the momentum to be heard. We are gaining momentum. We are uniting. We MUST stand in solidarity for our #TAKEN children. Our #TAKEN children are counting on us.

We face incredible challenges as we move forward. I am willing to take on every single one of them for our cause. Please stand in solidarity with me.

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Tuesday, 30 August 2016 00:00
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