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The Manipulation

The manipulation of children's "statements" are used endlessly by caseworkers in the corrupt family court process to get the desired result: termination of parental rights.The manipulation and interrogation practices are similar to those used on prisoners of war. With the same results. The foster provider is presented to the child as the "safe person" who plays the role of savior. The caseworker presents itself as the rescuer. The CASA is nothing more than an accessory to the interrogations of the child. But because the CASA is considered to be an "expert" by the judge, their testimony is considered "fact". Remember this person is not a licensed professional, has no training to speak of, and the entire CASA program is funded by private donations and federal funding.

A caseworker manipulates the statements from the CASA and "professionals" into a summary for the judge that generally presents the biological family as a tribe of serial killers. Questions from the child to these "protectors" such as, "where is my memaw?", are met with answers such as "Well, Jake if your grandmother cared she would be here", when the caseworker knows she has already sabotaged the visit by moving the location and time and failing to inform the parent. This is just one example of many of the manipulations in my case.

Manipulation of the facts is the key phrase in the truth about family court cases. There is no justice. No presentation of actual truths, EXCEPT in cases of substantiated abuse and even then caseworkers manipulate the "facts".

In the mean time caseworkers, CASA, and foster providers collude to use the child's statements to create a picture of a victim where in fact there is none.

This manipulation of a child's statements are just the first in a string of manipulations by the courts and its flunkies (the caseworker, CASA, GUARDIAN Ad Litem, and the DA) to terminate parental rights.

The foster provider assists in this manipulation. For example: the childless woman who was Jake's 11th placement in 8 months is a child counselor. She knew very well how to present Jake as a traumatized victim when in fact Jake was just a little boy with ADHD who just wanted to go home.

Forced removal lays the groundwork for an an entire industry of intervention by the corrupt family court by traumatizing a child that then needs counseling (more federal dollars). Of course a child is traumatized by forced removal from the only world they know.

The trauma is further manipulated by foster providers who make statements to the child such as, "You are safe here with me", and "I will protect you".

It is a well documented fact that scared, traumatized by forced removal, brainwashed children attach to their "rescuers" in much the same way that someone who is held in captivity will attach to the captor. This generally occurs with prisoners of war, persons who are held hostage, rape victims, and women who are dominated by abusers.<.p>

Forced removal presents a child ripe for the conditioning of suggestions of abuse and then a "testimony" of abuse that is then presented to the judge as fact.

This is what is happening in the corrupt family courts of America. Manipulation and deception presented as facts by a group of professionals who are trained in manipulation and deception.

At this point I usually say we must contact lawmakers and peacefully find a way to get the laws changed. I give ways to protest and lobby. I will continue to protest and lobby and encourage others to do so also. I can't help wondering if we shouldn't go ahead and riot in the streets. That avenue seems to garner the most attention from media and lawmakers. Maybe a dose of anarchy and destruction will help lawmakers realize there is a grievous injustice occurring in the corrupt family courts of America.

These are little kids. Highly impressionable. In order to capture funding judges, caseworkers, CASA, Guardian Ad Litem's, District Attorney's, police officers, and health care professionals are taking full advantage of our #TAKEN children in order to garner billions in federal funding every year.

We as parents know how easy it is to get a child to say and do what we wish them to, to attain the desired goal. "Eat all the food on your plate and then you can play" is a common statement a parent makes to attain a goal. The goal being to get the meal finished. Caseworkers manipulate statements in much the same manner. Example: Jake's last home visit was sabotaged by the promise from the caseworker of chocolate milk when the visit was over. My grandson's chocolate milk ritual in my home was the first thing he thought of when the caseworker promised chocolate milk. Of course Jake wanted to get on to the happy business of our chocolate milk ritual. Our daily chocolate milk was our special daily event. Jake would, of course, attach her offer of chocolate milk to a happy memory. She was able to manipulate the entire visit by that promise. During the visit Jake mentioned her promise of chocolate milk to me 3 different times.

With time and practice, and the nurturing advice of permanency planning supervisors, these caseworkers become masters of manipulation of the "facts" of a case.

The FORCED alienation of the #TAKEN child from his family IS purposeful, as the child is set up to attach to the adopter (who is often posing as a Foster provider).

This market of children, networked in such a way that adopters can pick and choose the "perfect fit" for the family they are building by using foster care as the portal to a vast array of children, is nothing more than the barter of flesh. The icing on the cake for all the perpetrators of these crimes is billions in federal funding.

It's a win-win for everyone involved EXCEPT the #TAKEN child and their biological families.

Rioting in the streets is starting to sound better and better to me.

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Wednesday, 28 September 2016 00:00
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