What Can You Do To Fight?

Parents of #TAKEN children get upset with me when I do not give them the answers they want to hear.

There are no guarantee's in the #CorruptFamilyCourts of America. District judges have operated with no oversite and impunity for so long....many of them think they are Gods.

Even with all the attention on our cause there are still judges who sit on their throne and hand down heinous decisions concerning children....every single day.

My attorney Rebecca King in Logan county, #Oklahoma told me that Judge Louis Duel has told her(and others) that until someone makes him stop....he is going to continue taking children from parents.

He is not only the only family court judge in Logan county....he is also the only Drug court judge. So he oversees parents he orders into drug court from family court.

I believe this is a conflict of interest. If a parent has a slip in drug court they are guilty in family court and their children are down the pipes of the forced adoption that Judge Duel perpetrates in about 80 percent of the cases that come through his courtroom.

A parent must FIGHT. I don't mean relying on an attorney to handle it either. If you are not willing to at least read the articles and links I give you and get a notebook and start documenting your case......how do you expect to win your children back?

I hear, "well your article does not apply to my case because my case is unique" so often that I am discouraged.

I promise you....your case(just like every other case of a #TAKEN child) has exacting federal stipulations that must be met for the case to proceed through the courts.

You child was evaluated as to his earning potential and adoptability. On the day he was picked up.

A hearing is required before 72 hours and then again at 30 days.

A service plan is required for 2 reasons: to fulfill the federal obligation to give parents time to improve" their situation and to come into federal mandates for termination of parental rights. They have to keep you busy until they can legally terminate.

A one hour visit a month is standard and all that is required by The Child Welfare Bureau. So if you are seeing your child every week....you are very lucky.

The Federal Guidelines are in fact the law. States may interpret those guidelines differently BUT pricepoints are strictly followed. This industry is about money. NOTHING ELSE. So get that thought front and center.

You can spend your time fighting some point of injustice or you can work that service plan.

I recommend completing the service plan quickly. You are under a time constraint for termination so get moving. My son dawdled himself right into a termination trial. He didn't think the courts rules applied to him. Now he has to bear that burden for the rest of his life.

Even completing the service plan is no guarantee your children will come home. You are asking me for guarantees and I cannot give you that.

If your children were evaluated as "adoptable" and the foster to adopt program is implemented on your child.....you could walk on water and still not get your children back.

You have to learn the process and what you can do to fight every step of your case.

You have to stay ahead of those child stealing bastards, and it is not easy.....they are professionals. They go to school, take seminars and learn from their child trafficking co workers. They have permanency planning supervisors telling them what the quotas are. They have a judge who will believe just about anything they say.

You cannot talk to that caseworker. She will use every word that comes out of your mouth against you. Communicate briefly and only by text.

Get a notebook and write down every event, courtdate, visit, interaction with the caseworker, lie, EVERY SINGLE VIOLATION of the service plan by the caseworker and the agency. You can and should site the caseworker for contempt of court every time they do not comply with, cancel or fail to reschedule visits or court ordered services. That case plan is a COURT ORDER and must be complied with by all parties.

And stop sitting around waiting on the caseworker to provide services. GET IT DONE! Do you not yet understand that those delay tactics that a caseworkers willfully uses are going to cost you your children?

You should not leave the courtroom until a visitation schedule is attached to the service plan AND the court ordered services are clearly stipulated to(name of agency or doctor/counseling, and a time stipulation on the caseworker giving you a referral.

If you are a grandparent or other extended family member and you want to be considered for placement you MUST file a motion to intervene IMMEDIATELY! Separate from the parents attorney or filings. If the judge refuses to rule on your motion you should file judicial complaints immediately.

You MUST become your own advocate. Knowledge is power. Spend time gaining that knowledge.

I have written a complete series of articles on how to fight and there is TONS of information now available online that wasn't there just 4 years ago when I was fighting for #JakeDenzilCumpian. You can find my articles on the corrupt family court at AmericasTakenChildren.com under the Resources Icon. Scroll down past the red hand and you will see four icons. Resources is the 3rd Icon. We have also listed web links to every conceivable article, website, information, group and page that we believe can help a parent. Get reading!

If you have a #TAKEN child you are entering the biggest battle you will ever fight as long as you live. The judges, attorneys and CPS are all corrupt(with a very few notable exceptions like Shawn McMillan and Judge Leonard Edwards). You need to prepare for BATTLE! You are going to be fighting for the next two years. You may not win. But you MUST give it everything you've got.

Anyone that is demanding money from you is lying to you. They cannot get your children back just because you hand them money.

I may not be the advocate that tells you everything you want to hear...but I will tell you the truth.

There are many good advocates but you have to be willing to hear what they are saying.

I am always willing to talk with or listen to anyone with a #TAKEN child but please know that I do not have any magic answers to the vile proceedings that you will encounter in family court. Real advocates will tell you the truth. If it sounds like smoke and mirrors get away from that person immediately.

Everything you need to know is available on line at no cost.

Be your own advocate and fight!



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