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When you come to me(an advocate) and the first thing you tell me is you smoke dope BUT the family court has violated your tribal rights and you want your kids back......but you are unwilling to even listen to anything I have to tell you because I have offended your sensibilities about what justice is in the family have bigger issues than this little ole’ advocate can assist you with!

First of all.....drug use around minor children is illegal in every state. Without exception. Now some states don’t enforce and laws about personal use for adults may vary BUT one thing that is is illegal to use mind altering substances around minor children. Just ask the judge you are now in front of what HE thinks about your “recreational drug use”. can’t just say, “I’m an Indian” and get tribal protection and rights. Many family courts ignore tribal rights. Also tribal rights won’t give you a free pass to smoke dope.

I know giving up the dope is very much like a child giving up his binke or a favorite just don’t want to do it. Nobody with addiction issues does. The difference between you and them is you are now answering to a higher power. That higher power is a family court judge!

Maybe you still believe you have “parental rights” in this family court you are being forced to attend because of your drug use. You are getting ready to get slammed on your face by a judge who has already heard every “but I only smoke pot” argument that was ever thought of.

The truth is family court operates completely outside Constitutional Due Process, untruths from caseworkers are accepted as facts and there is nothing even vaguely resembling justice in the entire two year process you are about to go thru.

Suck it up, buckle down and get busy educating yourself to the #CorruptFamilyCourt process. You are wasting time with DENIAL when you need to be learning how to fight FOR YOUR CHILDREN!

Denial is the first symptom of a drug problem and caseworkers are TRAINED to watch for it!

Are you really foolish enough to believe this is the family courts first rodeo because it’s your first interaction with them? Those caseworkers are experts in manipulating evidence to show you in the worst light possible....while your standing there puffing on a joint.....trying to outsmart them.

You are going to have to get hip to the game and understand real quick.....adoption of your children to strangers IS the goal. You need to get ahead if this in every way possible. Part of that is to stop being in denial, stop that silliness about your “rights” and learn to fight for your kids.

Your children are on the adoption block from the point of pickup.they have a dollar value to the state, county,lawmaker, judge and caseworker you are dealing with.

THEY are in it to win it.

The question is.....are you?

Geri M Pfeiffer
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Tuesday, 18 September 2018 00:00
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Last modified on Wednesday, 26 September 2018 10:29
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