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#Alienation & #Assimilation

Weapons of engagement.

Used to effectively alienate your #TAKEN child from you and assimilate him into the foster/adoptive home.

Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.

This very well documented survival tactic is used with a very ugly slowly remove you from the picture.

Visits with your child will often take place in an office or a park.

When you child sees you in an office or a park....they tend to disassociate you with “home”. In the meantime the foster/adopters are presenting your child with a “home” clothing, food and “love”.

You are being observed, nervous, visits are boring for the children. You are stressed. Your child feels this and it’s almost a relief to go back to the foster home. All part of the plan.

A child that has been ripped out of his home, away from family members, siblings and loving grandparents is the perfect candidate for alienation and assimilation. Kids just want love. They will gravitate to and bond with anyone put in front of them who offers them a little food and a blanket.

This is the same tactical method used with prisoners of war to attach them to their captors. A bond develops because in an almost perverse way....the captive starts to see the person feeding them as their “Savior”.....when in reality the person feeding them is their captor.

This method is used endlessly on minor children in foster care.

Also the agency does not want you to know where your child lives just in case you decide to go to their home and take your child or “disrupt” the foster family’s home life.

Quite often your child is not just in a foster home. The foster/adopt program consistently pressures foster providers to adopt the foster children.

While you are fighting your CPS should make every effort to get the full name of the foster parents that have your children. Later on when you search for your child.....the last foster home they lived in is a good place to start your search. In my opinion there is more than a 50% chance that’s where you will find them. Visit our website to learn ways to search for your #TAKEN/adopted child.

The goal is adoption from the point of pickup. All that happy crap about reunification is a ruse to get you to come along nicely while the agency and court waits for your child to be in custody for the federally required “18 of the previous 22 months”.

In the meantime......your visits will be reduced, you will be excluded from doctors visits and decisions about your child. The caseworker will increase pressure on you to “just do the right thing” and sign your rights away voluntarily(on a promise of photos and a visit a year). Don’t fall for any of this garbage.

The second time your caseworker cancels a court ordered should file a contempt of court motion against the caseworker and the agency.

You should also NEVER leave the courtroom without a current visitation schedule attached to your Individualized Service Plan(ISP). Signed by a judge.

Your child is being manipulated into believing you do not care about him or her. The foster provider participates in the alienation and assimilation right along with your caseworker. They will also block you on social media to avoid you and make sure you get no photos post adoption.

The cruelty of alienation and assimilation doesn’t end with your pain and grief. It also affects the way your child handles relationships for the rest of his life. Then it affects your child’s children and their children.

Alienation and assimilation. War tactics. Used on American children. In America. Every day.

One goal: to fill the quotas required for states to receive millions in federal funding from the Federal Adoption Incentives law of 1997.

That’s right. That little child that means the world to you has a dollar value to the CPS agency, the judge in the courtroom you fight your case in and the state you live in. That’s why the method of captive survival is being used to alienate and assimilate your #TAKEN child from you.

Do not take the word of your caseworker on visits. Go straight to the judge. Ask for visits in your home. Don’t hesitate to file a contempt of court motion on your caseworker or the agency. Visitation is part of the ISP. The ISP is a court order. It must be complied with by all parties.

DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Every day of your case. Those names and addresses of foster providers might not seem like much now but later on.....they are gold when it comes to locating your #TAKRN child.

Geri M Pfeiffer
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