Geri M Pfeiffer

Geri M Pfeiffer

Advocate for the #TAKEN, activist, protester, grandmother, rock chick, prolific knitter and hell raiser.

Activist at Oklahomals Dirty Little Secret, Author at Articles by GERI Pfeiffer and Activist at TAKEN:pictures of children abducted by child protective services

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Sample Letter's

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Know Your Rights

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Avail yourself upon our knowledgebase, resource supplies, pamplets, flyers, brochures and publications that you can use to get the word out. Our power is within you.

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The Battle

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Forced Alienation

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Help with Using the Site

If you need help with the web site, many resources will be available to you including general help articles as well as specific step by step tutorials and #HowTo Guides.

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#TAKEN children

These are America's #TAKEN children.They have been placed in the forced adoption process by child protective services. This is the original "These are America's #TAKEN

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On Facebook, Geri Pfeiffer started a photo album of #TAKEN Children with over 1,000 children in it. This effort has been converted to an active database online.Children can use it to find their parents

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America’s Taken

"Our mission is giving children #TAKENbyCPS and their biological families a forum to search for each other."